Money in the Bank Analysis


Hello, Derahk here with some insight on what may unfold at this Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV. Usually pay per views with sub par builds have excellent matches, see every TLC for the past few years. They’re going to have to pull out their Pat Patterson finish playbooks for this show because almost every match seems to have a straight-forward winner.

As far as the lower card is concerned, the odds are highly in the favor of King Barrett, Nikki Bella and Ryback so I won’t go into any analysis of those matches, just expect screwy finishes setting up their next opponents.

Some are rumbling that the tag titles will switch hands but I don’t think PTP have the momentum needed to take them. With Harper/Rowen getting a little attention, the titles will either be dropped to them only for them to drop them to the returning Usos or most likely, New Day will drop them directly at Summerslam. There are too many potential title holders that have higher ceilings than PTP for them to take them at this time.

With the Cena/Owens match, It is doubtful that Kevin will pick up another win, even though Cena wouldn’t hurt too much from it. The main question would be, where would Cena go from there with a loss and that is why I expect a ‘Cena wins lol’ because there is no answer to that question. However, he undoubtedly has his marching orders to make Owens look strong.

I am glad they are putting the rocket boots on Owens. With Rusev in a transition and the horrid mismanagement of Bray Wyatt, the WWE is in dire need of a monster heel. Owens is fulfilling that need. His age is also a factor in the push, if they are going to retrieve the cost of their investment, they have to pull the trigger sooner rather than later. However, you don’t want to give him too much, too soon in fear that you just blow your load too quickly e.g. Sheamus. A win here would put him in a main event level and that’s too much, too soon. They need to manage their enthusiasm much like they did with Neville, who is in an excellent spot. A loss here will place Owens farther down the card, where he can run through superstars like Ziggler and possibly a Intercontinental title push against Ryback at Summerslam.

I understand the heel spot now, but I don’t feel as though his full potential is used staying there. I feel Owens fits perfectly into that Mick Foley spot. I believe he’ll make for a wonderful super babyface who will be booked as the underdog who loves his family and has gruelling matches. Hell, ‘Fight Owens Fight’ is a babyface chant.

Any outcome of the Ambrose/Rollins match is purely speculatory. I have seen articles trying to predict sensational outcomes but I wouldn’t expect one. My expectations is a decent match with a crooked finish with Rollins retaining the title. My hope is that they have a barn burner that will be the blow off we wished for last year. However, I wouldn’t expect a double turn or even a single turn here. I believe this match sets up the inevitable Rollins/Kane match at Battleground they’ve been building up to which will somehow give Kane the authority to release Brock’s suspension… or something like that.

The Money in the Bank ladder match itself is the only real potential upset of the night. The obvious booking is giving it to either Reigns or Kane but they like to throw curve balls with the MITB. I would keep my eyes on Neville with this one. They can book Reigns or Kane in the main event with legitimate story lines but for Neville, this gives him an angle into that picture further down the line.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts. Please feel free to rip me apart or add any further analysis below. You can follow me on twitter @youfacederahk.

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