Money In The Bank Participant Ideas


Alberto Del Rio- Confirmed already, let’s just hope he delivers (I believe he will). 

Dolph Ziggler- Such a over Superstar and athletic competitor worthy of winning.

Cesaro- His unique style would make him an asset to this match (He is the early favourite)

Rob Van Dam- No Doubt the most Extreme Superstar on the roster.

Kofi Kingston- His spots during Gimmick matches have become an annual tradition.

Rusev- This match could give him a chance to prove his something worthy.

Big E- Just imagine a Big Ending of the top of a ladder.

Cody Rhodes- This match will hopefully elevate him back into the top tier Mid-Card picture.

Goldust- Being betrayed by his younger brother to start a big rivalry (It’s what the fans want).

The Big Show- We all want a BIG crash landing right?

Who Do You Want In The Money In The Bank Match?

Who Do You Want To Win The Money In The Bank Match?

Leave ideas, opinions and suggestions.

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