Money In The Bank Possible Winners?


Cesaro- He has just adapted a new manager and has been picking up brilliant victorys against the company’s best superstars such as Jack Swagger, The Big Show and Mark Henry, he also won the first ever ATGMBR at Wrestlemania 30, this shows that the company are very in on making him a top star in the years to come in the WWE so why not let him win a big accomplishment like the MITB match? Even if his not the right person to cash in and win it will still look good in the books and it will still give him something to brag about however low key or high key he may become in the WWE (Like The Miz).

Bray Wyatt- He may not really fit into the design of the match but he could always add a unique story to it, he could give reasons of how winning the match will stop others being cowards and how the family have always had their eye on the prize, I could definitely see Bray cashing in against a battered and bruised champion at a big PPV such as Summerslam or Survivor Series and maybe even adding a new member of the family to help him win and shock the WWE universe.

Sheamus- He has done a superstars 10 year career in 5 years he has won numerous titles and also won the Royal Rumble and King of the ring tournament so why not add this big win to his list of accomplishments, I hear the company are very big on him this year so this would be a good way to show it without hurting any other big stars ego. He then after winning could cash in on a Face champion and turn Heel just like he started his career as, this would be an awesome turn in his career and would lead to very good storylines.

Kofi Kingston- this could be an awesome opportunity for a superstar who has dominated the mid-card division since debuting in early 2008, he needs a push or a change in character so why not have both from this one match? He just like Sheamus could turn Heel but unlike Sheamus this will be his first time so we will be able to explore a side of Kofi we have never seen before and this will also elevate him into the main event picture where he once was only a few years ago.

Christian- He may not be the funniest person to watch as of recently but this sure would be a good way to end a veteran like himselfs career, he was one of the most dominant extremists in the WWE but has never had the pleasure to win the big extreme match itself, this would also fit into his characters gimmick (one last chance) before he departs from the company or is used as a young stars ladder to the top.

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