Money In The Bank Review


Ask any casual wrestling fan what PPV will bring the most unpredictability, more often than not, Money In The Bank is your show to watch. Last year’s ladder match featured one match filled with relative upstarts and encompassed the younger portion of the roster while the other featured former world champions. Last year’s matches provided excitement. I am not so sure we can say the same about this year. Without any further comments on this, allow me to give you guys a summary and grade for each match that was on the card.

WWE Tag Team Championships: The Usos (C) def. The Wyatt Family

You want my opinion? Easily the match of the night. This should not come to a surprise that this would be a great match because these two absolutely have crystal chemistry with each other. Even the crowd  gave their appreciation with the vintage “THIS IS AWESOME” chants. It still amazes me how a man of Luke Harper’s size is able to execute a suicide dive with such efficiency. Now, my prediction was that the Wyatts would win the match since the Usos have held the title since the RAW after Elimination Chamber. But the decision didn’t bother me at all. The Usos have been in the dark for most of their tenure when it comes to winning the titles, and they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Great, quality match to start the PPV. If only the rest of the card could match it.

Grade: A-

WWE Divas Championship: Paige (C) def. Naomi

For all the hate the Divas division gets, these two put on an above average match. It started physical, we had some good reversals, and we even had some chain wrestling for a while. Naomi still slowly climbing the ranks of the WWE Divas and its good to know that WWE is giving her chance to shine, same thing for Cameron. At least we have these three decent Divas until AJ comes back. Nothing over the top, but nothing to scoff at either.

Grade: B-

Rusev def. (Sub) Big E.

Even if the PPV occurred in Boston and Big E brought the American flag, the match still had a predestined outcome. I was very glad to see that The Accolade was almost broken and it was a nice little twist to the match. Of course, the spot of the night was the spear by Big E on the ropes which takes an incredible about of strength. One of these days I do think it will backfire though. Yet, it was all for nought. Rusev is in the typical, squash (well last night wasn’t exactly a squash) everyone that’s about just over half your weight and dominate portion of his career. Wait until he meets John Cena.

Grade: C+

Layla def. (Pin) Summer Rae

I was actually liking the feud up until this time. It was the type of brawling, in your face action that the Divas of old used to bring it. The match, on the other hand, I felt, didn’t live up to the hype brought into the match. It was short, as it should have been, and was just a filler match really. When’s the last time you have seen WWE put two Divas matches on the same card? I mean, no US Title defense?

Grade: C-

MITB Ladder Match: Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Rob Van Dam

These men need to teach the other 8 superstars in the other match on how to execute a ladder match. While it was far from the best, it did feature some great spots. We had Dean Ambrose with the superplex to Rollins from the top of a tall ladder, the Kofi Kingston backdrop to Rollins onto a ladder FROM the top of a ladder and much more (damn, Rollins took a lot of punishment), and Jack Swagger’s powerbomb from the top of the ladder to Kingston. It was a decent match and I liked the amount of surprises. Kingston was very close to winning the title and I was actually sold that he was going to win it for a second (that would have been a huge swerve) until Ziggler had something to say about it. Now, I think its safe to assume that people who have been paying attention would have known that something was going to prevent Ambrose from winning the briefcase, and let me tell you I cannot wait for the Rollins vs. Ambrose feud to continue to unfold. I am absolutely engaged in this feud. Overall, a solid ladder match. I wanted a better finish, but I was satisfied to an extent.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match: John Cena def. Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Cesaro, Alberto del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Kane

Before I get into the decision, which I know a great deal of you will hate, this was not a very memorable ladder match, despite the amount of star power and what was at stake. There were no table spots, nothing really. It was more of eight men using their stock moves in the ring and using the ladders on occasion. It really didn’t scream “ladder match”. Some spots I did enjoy, was the Bray Wyatt suplex to John Cena on a ladder in mid-air, Cesaro’s uppercut and much more. But the MVP of this match has to go to Randy Orton. Fighting with the bloody head and still going to execute moves such as that RKO to Cesaro from the ladder (did you see the height on that?) and his DDT to Sheamus onto the floor. He worked the majority of the match and maintained the flow of the match. Reigns had his moments, I especially liked the spear to Cena, but then again, we always see him do all the moves he did. Now for the decision. I wrote an article last week on the odds of each of the participants and I wrote that John Cena had the best odds. That was only for the fact that I couldn’t make a case for anyone else. Now, many people groaned at Cena winning for the 15th time and people do have a right to be upset. But we need to be intelligent here. The complaint was that WWE didn’t make a new star and wasted a chance. Not true. Now I assume that these “new stars” are Bray Wyatt, Cesaro and Roman Reigns. Let’s be realistic. Cesaro is a great wrestler but he lacks the all around game. He doesn’t speak often and it is far too early in his career (though I will make the case that Lesnar had similar issues and he won against The Rock in his first year). Bray Wyatt has been exceptional at cutting promos, but once again, it is too early in his career as well. He just came off a losing feud to Cena and winning the title would seem unbalanced. And besides, what face will feud with him that will get fans intrigued? Sheamus? Good luck with that fella. As for Reigns, he does have the look of a champion and I love him. But the man needs a more diverse wrestling moveset and more experience in singles competition until he can even be considered for a World Title reign. That does not mean getting the hot tag in matches and picking up the victory. No, I am talking about lengthy matches that shows that he is just not a man made for hot tags. Cena winning, no matter how bad I detest him, and I DETEST HIM, was the best choice. And it makes the man who takes it from him, most likely a young person, that much more dangerous. Beating Cena is like eating a whole box of pizza when you are starving. Okay, that was bad. Overall the match wasn’t bad, but it was very underwhelming and for some stretches, boring.

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