“Monster Impact”: An Interview with Impact Wrestling’s Kongo Kong


Busy is right!  What do you do when you actually have a little down time?

[Laughs] Sleeping!

Clearly you are only going to go forward in Impact Wrestling, what are some feuds you are looking for in the future? Personally I would love to see you against EC3.

Yes! He is definitely one! I would love to get in there and tangle with Lashley. I would love to get in there with Alberto El Patron. Really that whole top part of the card. I’m looking forward to tangling with them and hopefully finding a spot among those guys.

Where do you see yourself when wrestling is all said and done? Are you going to pursue the Wrestling Gear business or other ventures?

Yeah that is part of the plan. I am hoping I can take this experience of being on TV and transition into doing some acting.

What are some of your favorite matches and biggest accolades you have had along the way?

Just about any match I have had with a guy by the name of Shane Mercer; a very strong, very agile man who deserves a look. Also a guy by the name of Hilbilly Jed…another guy that deserves a look. He’ll tell you that the reason I am where I am is because of him, because I stole half of my stuff from him. It’s kind of true [laughs]. As far as accolades, anytime I can go to an indy promotion or otherwise and they put a belt on me I consider that a huge accolade because that means they trust me and Kongo Kong the character as the banner representative of their company. I think I have 5 or 6 championships [currently] and in the last year or so I have held 10 or 11.

I really wanted to end this interview with this…Last night was when we were originally scheduled to do this interview and we moved it to today so you could watch yourself on television in real time for the very first time. What was that moment like?

It was pretty awesome. Being that I wrestle so much you can forget exactly what you do in a match. It was almost a month ago so it was almost [like watching] a fresh match; I had forgotten a lot of it. I knew certain things that happened but when it got to the finish I got goose bumps. I was thinking “Wow, that was really good.”

We are all really excited for you and the future of Impact Wrestling…we greatly appreciate your time, Steve.

Thank you all for having me, I really appreciate it!

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