More Backstage News On The Reports That WWE Has Been In Talks With EVOLVE’s Parent Company


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UPDATE: The timing of WWE talking with WWN actually has as much or more to do with the ROH/Figure Toy Company deal than it does with the ROH/Destination America deal. As reported, WWE was unhappy with Ring of Honor releasing a Kevin Steen action figure.


According to sources, the WWE/WWN relationship would apparently have WWN start to sign top indy names to exclusive deals that would include merchandising and licensing rights. This would allow WWE to have an easier time with licensing rights if they decide to bring the talents into WWE.

SHINE being under the WWN banner is appealing to WWE as well, as they are interested in having a group of women that they could potentially sign and bring up into NXT use. SHINE is based in Florida, which makes it easier.

Basically, the deal would boil down to an official WWE/WWN relationship with any WWN-signed talents able to be picked up by WWE without any of the usual outside hassles that may come into play. Again, the deal is not done and there is no guarantee it will be completed, but it is being pushed by top officials in WWE’s developmental.

ORIGINAL: In potentially major news, according to sources inside WWE, there has been discussion between the company and WWN, the parent company of EVOLVE and Full Impact Pro. The discussion has been in regard to potentially working together in some capacity and was initiated by WWE.

While the talks began around the time when ROH announced their new TV deal with Destination America, it isn’t known if that deal was a factor. EVOLVE released a video at that time thanking TNA for allowing talent to work their shows.

There are rumors that WWE is buying WWN and turning it into a new developmental league, but those reports are not confirmed and whatever the deal is, it isn’t done or official and there are details being worked out.

Sal Hamaoui and Gabe Sapolsky have not returned requests for comment, nor has WWE.

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