My Booking Ideas For Royal Rumble PPV


Now I don’t know the order or the matches that are set in stone for this PPV but I want to make a match card and explain how I would book it. These may be wrong and not the brightest. This is simply the way think WWE will book this pay-per-view and I’m not saying I would be a fan of it but I’m shooting for the way they are thinking.


This is the start of the best time to watch pro wrestling and it’s called WrestleMania season. The road to the grandest stage of them all starts here, they need to set the path to Mania and it begins with the rumble match.

Bray Wyatt Vs. Daniel Bryan

As seen at TLC, I have a hunch that at Royal Rumble this will be the end of this feud for once and for all. They have just Bray Wyatt take on Daniel Bryan and the rest of the Wyatt Family (Rowan and Harper) are banned from ringside. Daniel Bryan finally gets his revenge and beats Bray to go on to his next program.

Winner: Bryan

The Miz Vs. Kofi Kingston

Just the way that WWE has booked this feud in the past, I can just see them putting this match on the card as filler and to waste some time.

Winner: The Miz

Tag Team Title Match: Rhode Brothers © Vs. Big Show and Rey Mysterio

At TLC PPV, the challengers stood out to me, they have been pushed as the top challengers to the Rhode Brothers titles. I don’t like them just thrown together team but they can bring a level of threat to the champions. You have many teams in the division but the Rhode Brothers have already beaten them. Only makes sense and I see the Rhode Brothers lose here. There will be friction between them and starts a feud between the brothers for WrestleMania.

Winner and new champions: Big Show and Rey Mysterio

Divas Title Match: AJ Lee © Vs. Natalya

Lee won at TLC in a way where it was not a clear cut way and the other things that leads this to a rematch at Rumble PPV, is there is no one else to challenge Lee to the title. Natalya gets close again but not close enough

Winner and still champion: AJ Lee

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Randy Orton © Vs. Mark Henry

Before I wrote this, I thought to myself, who can challenge for the title for a month or two. So I thought and thought but could not bring myself to a clear cut challenger. Right now the top stars are in a program already so Mark Henry is a clear cut challenger. He is not in a program and can bring a sense of threat to the champion (Randy Orton) I do not see Orton losing but yet hits an RKO out of nowhere to retain.

Winner and still champion: Randy Orton

Royal Rumble Match

I think they will have a good long rumble match with John Cena either entering as Number one or the very last entrant. I think the “Authority” will have John Cena go in number one as a fault of losing at TLC PPV. Also for as the surprises I see Sheamus and Christian returning. For the top guys to win it, I can only really see three guys win, Sheamus, CM Punk and John Cena they are the top stars in the company that can challenge for the title. CM Punk is currently in a program with the Shield and just because I think management wants John Cena to be champion, he goes on to the Rumble wins the twenty sixth annual rumble and challenges Randy Orton to a match at WrestleMania 30.

Winner: John Cena

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