My Fantasy Booking: Four Horsemen 2.0


So I had an idea earlier today: What if WWE decided to revamp the old Four Horsemen stable from the 80’s with Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, and the Andersons? It doesn’t necessarily have to be called the Four Horsemen, but something kind of along the lines as Evolution. Evolution really was almost like a modern day Four Horsemen of wrestling, only with more diverse age groups to make it more centered on being the past, present, and future of wrestling. This stable could be something like that, just with different people. Whatever the name of the stable is, Evolution, Four Horsemen, etc. it could definitely make a big impact and shake things up in the current product, considering the mass amount of talent they have.
The first thing that needs to be figured out is who should be in the stable. Not just who would benefit from being in the stable, but who could make it really work. Throwing guys together just because they have nothing to do never really pans out too well (examples League of Nations, Social Outcasts, Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter) so who goes in is the most important part. The leader is obviously the most pivotal role, and it’s a no brainer that an established main eventer should be the one who leads the stable, as to help the other members learn and get better themselves. For the leader, it was toss up for me between Seth Rollins and Randy Orton, but I eventually settled on Orton for multiple reasons. First off, while I have no doubt in my mind Seth Rollins could pull off the leader gimmick, it’s gonna be hard for him to stay a heel because the fans are simply going to turn him themselves, not to mention I can see him going into a good, long program with Reigns when he comes back, so he’ll simply have bigger things to do. Also, when Orton comes back, he’s going to be a marquee name with nothing to do, which can prove to be a death sentence if he’s left stagnant for too long. He’s going to need something to do, and while I may have already said I don’t agree with throwing guys in stables just for the sake of giving them something to do, Orton can actually lead a stable pretty damn well. Just look back to his work with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. in Legacy, it was some of his best work in my opinion, and helped to get the 2 younger guys more over and experienced. He can do the same here, and also re-establish himself as one of the top guys on the roster, because let’s face it, he hasn’t been very relevant since his program with Seth ended last year.
Now that we’ve established who the leader will be, we need to figure out who we’re going to put in as a midcarder. Sort of like Randy himself was In Evolution, and how Tully and Arn were in the Four Horseman. For this position, it was really a no brainer for me to elect Cesaro for the position. Everything about him reminds me of old school, Four Horsemen style of wrestling. He’s a throwback of a wrestler to the territory days and not only that, but he could definitely benefit from being in a stable like this. Not only would he be featured as an ally to Randy Orton which will help him get exposure and look good, but he could finally get that really strong push we’ve all been praying for him to get. He’s not the best on the mic no, but he’s one of if not the greatest in ring athlete and performer they have on the roster right now, and he could definitely fit the mold for what this stable would need without really changing all that much.
The next step is finding a tag team, which isn’t exactly easy right now. With most of the tag teams on the main roster already established with their gimmicks, it’s hard to pick one to fit the mold of the stable’s gimmick, so I decided to cheat a little, and bring a couple guys up from NXT, but I doubt anyone will mind, because the team I decided on is The Revival. When you think about it, it’s even more of a no brainer than Cesaro. These guys are named The Revival for a reason, because that’s exactly what they are, they’re a revival of the tag teams of old, like The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, The Brainbusters, etc. Like Cesaro, maybe even moreso, everything about them screams old school: their work, their look, the way they talk, everything. And not only would they help the stable, but what better way for them to come is there than to immediately be featured with Randy Orton and Cesaro on television? With a call up like that, they could challenge for the tag titles almost immediately. There’s really not a thing they would have to change about their gimmicks, they’re almost tailor made for a stable like this
Now for the final part of creating the stable: how does it all start? Well, there’s a lot of different ways you could do it, and a lot of them could potentially be great, or kill the angle off before it even gets started. First off and probably most importantly, it needs to make an impact, but at the same time needs to make sense. They can’t just all of a sudden show up and be a team, they need to have some sort of event or happening to start it. So here’s how I would do it: Orton earns a World Title Shot at SummerSlam, against Roman Reigns. (be honest with yourself, he’ll still be champion by then and you know it) It’s a babyface vs babyface match, and the feud is built up making Reigns look like a dominant monster, and has everyone believing Reigns is gonna be walking out with the title no problem (considering that is what you would expect) and as the match is getting longer and getting towards the end, Orton tells the referee that he hurt his shoulder again and while the ref checks on him, two hooded men jump from the crowd and put Roman Reigns through the announce table before throwing him back in the ring and letting Orton steal the victory. When the two men remove their hoods, surprise surprise, it’s Dash and Dawson, and Orton hugs both men in the middle of the ring and they all raise their hands in victory to close out the show. For the next month, you build up to the rematch at Night of Champions, and ultimately have Orton walk out with the title again, but this time due to DQ from interference of the Revival. For Hell in a Cell, it’s announced that they will have one final match in the Cell for the title, to keep the Revival from getting involved, and just when it looks like Reigns is going to win the title back, The Revival show up from under the ring where they’ve been hiding for the night so that they could still find a way to interfere, and cost Reigns the match again. Then as they’re beating Reigns down and the Cell is being risen, Cesaro runs down to seemingly save Roman, but then turn on him at the last minute to join Orton and The Revival. Then at the next big PPV, Survivor Series, you end the night with a moment of the stable holding all the gold. Orton retains the WWE World Title against Reigns in a TLC match, Cesaro beats Sami Zayn (hopefully he’s the champion by then) for the Intercontinental Title, and The Revival beat Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady for the Tag Team Titles. From then on whatever you do with them is up to fate to decide, and depends on how they work out and how the crowd reacts to them, but this would be a good way in my opinion to get the stable up and running in a good way and interesting.
What do you think of my Four Horsemen idea? Do you agree with everything I said, do you think the people in it are good but the execution isn’t, or do you disagree with it alltogether? let me know in the comments below what your Four Horsemen stable would look like.

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