My First Back Catalogue. (April 2015 – September 2016)


Apologies, this isn’t an article on wrestling. It’s a list of links to articles for those who missed some of my best work over the past two years. You can kindly skip this if you’re a regular. It will be in chronological order from the first article I wrote after the website went down in April 2015. Also going to include some quotes from readers where I can.

Detailed Wrestlemania 31 Review:…


The first article was a review of Wrestlemania 31. At the same time I was rebuilding the Wrestler Profiles section entirely from scratch, and I remember spending hours saving, and recreating hundreds of profiles every day for weeks. It was painful, but I got paid extra so worth the effort. The first article inadvertently became the first in the future Wrestlemania series. The only Wrestlemania not to be included in the series was Wrestlemania 32, which you can read here: Quick Wrestlemania 32 Review

After this I made a short guide on how I prepare/write an article. This was done as encouragement to others writers to get back on the horse and fill the site with articles again after we lost everything. It was not well-received … with comments such as “”Please provide content for us for free” What, can’t steal blogs from Meltzer?”, “Please, don’t try to teach people how to write, because you aren’t a good writer. It’s like the blind leading the sheep.”, and “Lolz @ Kyle Dunning offering tips on writing a blog.”.

Starting on the 6th April 2015, and ending on the 18th February 2016, I worked on the Wrestlemania series. All links to these pieces below.

Wrestlemania IWrestlemania 2Wrestlemania IIIWrestlemania IVWrestlemania VWrestlemania VIWrestlemania VIIWrestlemania VIIIWrestlemania IXWrestlemania X

Wrestlemania XIWrestlemania XIIWrestlemania 13Wrestlemania XIVWrestlemania XVWrestlemania 2000Wrestlemania X-SevenWrestlemania X8Wrestlemania XIXWrestlemania XX

Wrestlemania 21Wrestlemania 22Wrestlemania 23Wrestlemania XXIVWrestlemania XXVWrestlemania XXVIWrestlemania XXVIIWrestlemania XXVIIIWrestlemania 29Wrestlemania XXX

Wrestlemania Series Quotes!

William Heuer: “Good article. Really good. Nice little analysis of the first Wrestlemania.”

Me ? NEW SENPAI ?: “Damn kyle hitting the ground running . Your gonna breakdown 30 wrestlemanias better get some bengay for those fingers.”

Moonajuana: “1989 is probably the best year of wrestling ever. Hogan turned Savage from a star to a legend.”

tell me about it: “love the way you present these Wrestlemania articles. Very entertaining.”

Cool is the Rule: “I love these articles. I would have to say that Wrestlemania 11 is the worst one of all time.”

Master_Seamonkey: “good read while on the shitter. thanks :)”

The Tooth #EWN Hardcore Champ: “Great article, Kyle.

ThE JoKeR © ?????????: “Good stuff Kyle, excellent again.”

Harley Race: “Very good review of a very average Wrestlemania, Kyle daddy.”

RyDoggy: “Thanks Kyle. Your work on here is a breath of fresh air. Could you do us all a favor and teach Ravens and Miller how to write?”

Sir William Robert: “Good read. Love these articles”
yapptiestrap-senpai (EWN WHC): “Good read again Kyle thanks for all your effort.”

Avis Quinn: “I don’t applaud and enjoy your articles because everyone else does. I
applaud and enjoy them because you are a genuinely great writer and you
have this understanding of the wrestling industry and wrestling
business that I find a lot of people lack. Fantastic article.”

Death Of WCW: Who Was Responsible?

The first standalone article was an informative six-page piece on the Death of WCW and who was responsible. I already published the piece before the site being hit, so it was a remake of sorts. I used sources to explain how the deal went down between Vince McMahon and Time Warner, and how names such as Kevin Nash, Eric Bischoff, and Vince Russo were not entirely to blame. I was glad when I remade it as I found more evidence to suggest foul play. As expected, there was a lot of discussion as readers pushed their own thoughts on who was responsible.

Best quote I found was from Keith Stone “Now THAT is a fucking article. Some of the clueless idiots that post shit here and have the audacity to call them articles should take some notes from what you’ve done here. It’s clear that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into researching this and you’ve delivered a very interesting and thorough read. Very enjoyable, thank you.” >>> The Death Of WCW – Who Was Responsible?

The Greatest Matches Of All Time.

After this I started a mini-series to give something different between the Wrestlemania articles. The idea was to showcase 4.5 – 5 star matches in groups of three. Looking back it seems half of the videos are no longer available. Matches with links still have videos intact, but the series was never completed and may never be. Here’s a list of matches I posted:

100 Wrestlers Who Died.

Next up is my most viewed article of all time with over One Million hits. I made it as a tribute to The Ultimate Warrior after his passing. The article didn’t go into careers much, instead it was a huge list (which took days to complete) highlighting the wrestlers ages when they died, and the cause of death. It was made to represent the sad truth behind professional wrestling. It’s an old list so it doesn’t include recent 2016 passings like Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper. I warn you … it is depressing.

(100 Wrestlers Who Died Before Their Time)

“A really painful piece. I applaud the effort and the heart behind it but perhaps it could have been a piece (or series) celebrating the great work of those who left us too soon. Instead I feel like I’m walking through a graveyard, staring at headstones.”

“This was painful to read. Not for you Kyle, but more for just……that list. I see most died around 30-40 years old.”

“I really enjoyed this piece. Some of the deaths I was not familiar with. Amazed with the drug culture, first to get big enough and second to cope with the pain and injuries resulting in addiction. Another thing I never thought much about are the internal injuries to organs the wrestlers put themselves at risk. Thank you Kyle.”

“That`s a hellva list you have compiled….well done and thank you,appreciate your effort in doing this :-)”

“The effort is highly appreciated, Kyle daddy. I don’t think you forgot anyone, great job daddy.”

“this is … of the best articles to come from this site in a long time.Fans,please take the time to appreciate the shit most wrestlers put themselves through for your entertainment.Blood clots,kidney and heart failures along with the misuse of prescription drugs is just too fucking common in this industry..and of course,the Von Erich saga is simply one of the worst “ill fated” stories of wrestling family dynasties that will never be explained!”

Chris Benoit & The Family Tragedy.

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