My Ideal Booking Of WWE WrestleMania 30


I have a long view for what will and will not happen at WrestleMania 30. I have no clue if they will do this or who will win. This is personality just booking the way I think WWE will do it. It should be noted that this is not fantasy booking or some dream card. This is how i think WWE will build the card around the big thirty year of WrestleMania show.


Pre-Show: Dolph Ziggler & Miz Vs. The Real Americans

I only base this on rumors and void being filled for both teams. Ziggler and Miz who are two UN happy WWE superstars tagging up against the Real Americans. Who have good quality wrestling. Yeah let’s book it, but still have the two guys who have been getting over lately and to continue the storylines of Ziggler and Miz being unhappy WWE Superstars.

Booking The Winner: Real Americans

Opener: Unification IC & U.S Title Match: Big E. © Vs. Dean Ambrose ©

Speculation has been going on for a couple of years within the WWE fans on when WWE will unify the belts. With constant teasing between both Superstars and WWE finally unified the WWE – World Heavyweight titles. It would only be fitting if they did it here and have one secondary champion. Big E. is the future and so is Ambrose in a certain way. However Big E has the size and look they are looking for. Throw in the fact the intercontinental title is more prestige in WWE than the U.S. This means one thing…

Booking The Winner: Big E keeps the intercontinental title around.

Divas Title Match: AJ Lee © Vs. Cameron

Just because her tag team partner can’t be in the match, does not mean that she can’t be. It’s simple booking. AJ Lee needs an opponent for WrestleMania and WWE has to have a women’s match on the card. So with being said, Cameron has two wins over Lee and that makes her the number one contender for the belt. However do not let Lee lose to her and tease a match between Lee and Naomi for Extreme Rules. Everyone wins!

Booking The Winner: AJ Lee

Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws © Luke Harper & Eric Rowan Vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns Vs. The Uso’s

This is not a total rematch from the Elimination Chamber PPV, but it has all the makings to be the match of the night. With one member of both teams (The Shield & Wyatt’s) in other matches, let these four teams go at it for the gold. This time, let Reigns shine like a diamond on the grandest stage of them all, but let the outlaws have one more great match as well. Let the outlaws go on and give the belts to the Uso’s. The Shield and/ or Wyatt Family do not have to be pinned in this match which keeps them looking strong. Let the new breed be the tag team champions.

Booking The Winner: The Uso’s

Brock lesnar Vs. The Undertaker

The buildup will be awesome, but the match will not. The classic and expected five star Undertaker matches that we are all used to seeing will not happen here because of Brock Lesnar. This will be a NO DQ type match and WWE can really hype Brock Lesnar to be a real threat towards ending the streak for the “Dead man”. It really is a no brainer and even though Brock Lesnar will take Taker to the edge of his rope. Taker finds a way to extend the streak one more time.

Booking The Winner: Undertaker

John Cena Vs. Bray Wyatt

After the Wyatts cost Cena his world title match at the Royal Rumble and now at Elimination Chamber PPV the build is already there for this match-up. The true face of the WWE and part time superman, John Cena faces off with the leader of the Wyatt Family. I believe he can fight Luke Harper and Eric Rowan here and there on Raw and Smackdown to build up hype for this match. Rumors back this and it is almost a lock for both parties. However with so much build and hype going into this match. I would like to say Bray wins and gets a big win against a major name in the WWE, However Cena gets his revenge and another win at WrestleMania.

Booking The Winner: John Cena

Sheamus Vs. Christian

Now this is just a throw it up and see if it sticks method. I see this being a double turn match and when I say this, it means Sheamus finally turns heel by retiring Christian. Sheamus needs a fresh run and with a heel turn that is justified for his character. Also Christian is looking for a way out and no better way than doing like his best friend did, Edge by wrestling his last match at Mania.

Booking The Winner: Sheamus

Daniel Bryan Vs. Triple H

Now this has taken a long time getting here, but hey was here, after months of HHH screwing over Bryan at Summerslam and so on. This is where Bryan finally gets his revenge on not only HHH, but the “Authority”. Both guys have to have a match here and unless they have Bryan face off with Kane which I highly doubt then HHH is the right guy for the job. HHH is the “king of kings” in the WWE and the main guy screwing over the most popular Superstar in the WWE right now. It would only be fitting that they would go this way and finally have justice be served.

Booking The Winner: Daniel Bryan

Main Event: WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Randy Orton © Vs. Batista

Since Dave Batista’s return to WWE in January they have building towards this match and they finally get it. With Batista winning the Royal Rumble and when he returned, Randy Orton was the first guy to square off with. This is their dream and most likely they will hand the ball over to Batista for satisfaction. This is a big FU to the fans, but hey fans deal with it. That is the message that WWE is sending you.

Booking The Winner: Batista

I cannot stress this enough, THIS IS NOT FANTASY BOOKING. I know some of you will disagree with what I think WWE will book for WrestleMania 30, but with looking at what has happened on WWE TV and online reports. This is what I think WWE will book WrestleMania 30.

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