My Thoughts On Destination America Airing TNA/ROH Together.


Having just heard the news, I have mixed feelings about it. TNA and ROH have seen each other as rivals for some time now after TNA stopped their wrestlers from working for ROH. Now it seems ROH will air before TNA, and it makes you wonder how it’s going to work. As a UK resident, I can’t stream ROH, so now I can enjoy ROH and TNA on a Wednesday night. It also means we will have ROH, TNA and NXT all in the same night, so fans will be forced to decide between ROH and/or TNA, or NXT. That’s a tough call for some wrestling fans.


Also it makes you wonder .. with all the recent talks of TNA getting cancelled, the report completely contradicts that (I have blasted the so-called rumours for a while now), as it seems clear Destination America wants more wrestling on their network, not less. It also means friendly competition between ROH and TNA, as ROH will air before TNA, so they will do everything to show how average TNA is, while TNA will do everything they can to follow ROH. Having both companies on the same network is unprecedented, and it’s going to be interesting how it plays out. We might have collaboration between ROH and TNA in the future, with some cross promotion going on due to the influence from Destination America.

It seems obvious that Destination America is pleased with TNA. They are so pleased with the ratings, they wanted more wrestling, but not the same wrestling. It’s almost like they want a war between the two companies. They would be fighting for supremacy, and either promotions could leave the network eventually, or it could work so well it boosts the profiles of all involved. Fans in America might pay extra for Destination America so they can watch ROH and TNA every week.

Destination America is becoming the true alternative to WWE on the USA network. I hope they can be successful so the wrestling industry would allow for a much-needed boost. What do you think of this news? Do you think TNA will be forced out by ROH? Will ROH and TNA feud? Or will TNA and ROH join forces? Please let your thoughts be heard in the comments section below.

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