My thoughts on WWE, TNA & ROH.


Monday Night Raw was good, two Divas singles matches, an eight man tag match, a contract signing and a “Homecoming for Brock Lesnar”. The first match was good, Reigns vs. Harper & I thought it was great whenever Dean Ambrose was talking during this match & he said that he & Reigns vs. two thirds of The Wyatt Family was like Dogs & Cats Fighting, there’s no real reason to fight you just fight. I think that this Rivalry should continue because no disrespect to the other Tag-Teams but two thirds of the Shield is more fun than the usual tag-team matches. I noticed that “Exotic Chaotic” Tamina Snuka started using the swinging slide slam & even though she lost to Becky Lynch, Tamina still gave the audience a great performance, & Becky Lynch never seems to forget when it’s time to do the Arm-Bar submission. I think we’re looking at the future of WWE Divas with these three new Divas, Charlotte, Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks. I usually talk in order but I’m going go out of order this once & say that Banks vs. Nikki Bella was one of the best matches between two Heels I’ve ever seen, they both showed there physical expertise in the ring as well as the kind of shape they’re in. I don’t like Sasha Banks but her aligning herself with Tamina & Naomi makes me want to see her win so her win didn’t bother me. I think they’re making a mistake putting Los Matadores as a Heel Tag-team because of there mascot going against Xavier Woods. I think that was what set the Title Match for Sunday. I only liked the scene with the Undertaker making a statement with Brock Lesnar. I have only this to say about ROH one hr is enough to see that these men are the future of the Business & TNA show tonight I’m excited to see what happens with P.J. Black the GWF King of the Mountain Champion vs. ECIII for the TNA World Title.

TNA Extends Existing TV Contract With Italian Success

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