New Day


Through various online articles, it has come to my attention that Vince Mcmahon is wondering why his ratings are slipping. Well, there are too many reasons for this, but the one this article will focus on is the new day.

First off, Unicorn power? What does this mean? This is ridiculous for a bunch of grown men to be spouting off about unicorn power. Most of the stupid garbage is done by the entertainer of the group Xavier Woods. Let’s be real. The showman is Xavier, the powerhouse is Big E and the worker or in ring talent is Kofi.

If you want to keep this team ridiculous and farce like, then I suggest you strip them of the belts and move them down the cards. Doink the Clown was there to be comic relief. Disco Inferno was there to be a little comic relief but he was all about his entrance. He came out to a disco classic that went along with his gimmick and he came out dancing and gave the show a party vibe and it worked. But he was also mid carder/ jobber type.

Why would we tale a tag team seriously that acted like fools and did not act like serious professional wrestlers? In WCW, it was the adult women that were into Disco Inferno. New Day appeals to kids but here is the difference, a Hulk Hogan appealed to adults and kids alike, but he had over the top charisma to pull it off. Even at their most charismatic, the New Day does not have anywhere near the charisma Hogan did to pull that off, but when the bell sounded, in interviews etc. Hogan was all business.

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