New Site Layout Coming Soon!


The webmaster has allowed me to bring you the news of a new site layout for EWrestlingNews which is in beta testing. You can view it at the following link >>>

We encourage users to visit and offer feedback if you come across any bugs. A bunch have already been found, meaning the timeline is not set. This means I cannot give an answer as to “when?”, but I can promise you it will be finished “soon”. Not all features have been added at this time.

The team has worked on this for several months, so as you can imagine the webmaster’s excited and hopes the hard work pays off for our loyal visitors. We truly appreciate all of your traffic, the Disqus community, and the forum community. The current layout will remain as the main link til the team are satisfied.

I may give further updates in the Disqus comments section if I get anymore information from the webmaster. Thank you for any feedback you can provide to the team.

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