Next “Heyman Guy” – Who Should It Be? (Pt. 2)


Paul Heyman truly is an “evil genius.” His track record is known to both old school and current pro wrestling fans. Old school fans know the impressive amount of talent he has mentored to the top of the business. New fans don’t even need to study the history of the business to understand Heyman’s brilliance, as it is timeless. He is doing it again in the modern wrestling era with today’s crop of talent. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what Heyman can do for a young, up-and-comers career in WWE. It’s basically a free ticket to obtaining a top-tier spot in the company.

Today we will take a look at the impact Heyman could have on the careers of a few current WWE Superstars. Before we get started, let me make one thing clear: this is not a rankings-style breakdown. None of the following guys are ranked in order of who deserves to be aligned with Heyman the most, nor is it an explanation of who would benefit most from the association. I’m simply going to select a few guys that are currently in WWE that I feel Heyman would work well with, and help them reach a higher level in the business. With that said, let’s take a look at how becoming a “Paul Heyman guy” would affect the following WWE Superstars.

(Part one is available here.)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the big boy of The Shield, Roman Reigns, and see dollar signs. He’s got the look. The “it factor.” And he’s got it in droves. Roman Reigns is a big guy with a freakish amount of strength who currently fills “the enforcer” type role in The Shield. The role that Arn Anderson filled so well in his years with the Four Horsemen. The one thing Reigns seems to lack, on paper, is the ability to cut a great promo. He hasn’t really been given the chance to prove whether or not he can carry a lengthy promo on his own, but in the few glimpes of talking time he’s received, he doesn’t appear to be as scary a talent in the verbal department as he does in the physical department. This is where Paul Heyman comes in.

Few can argue Heyman’s verbal abilities. Even less can dispute his success rate. The guy makes stars. In ECW, he did so as a promoter. A behind-the-scenes magician who could take average talent and turn them into stars. In WWE, in front of the camera, he’s been taking above-average talent and turning them into Superstars. Roman Reigns is an above average talent. We’ve covered the fact that he’s almost a lock to be a mega-star in WWE at some point in the future. All he needs is someone to say it for him. Someone to convince fans that he’s as good as everyone already knows. Paul Heyman does that better than any man alive. The two are a natural fit.

Reports claim that many in WWE see Reigns as a mega-babyface Superstar in the future. Heyman can contribute to Reigns’ arrival in this pre-determined spot. Heyman works with him for a while, establishes the guy as a top act in the company, and then Reigns gets fed up with Heyman’s crap and stands up for himself. It’s been done a thousand times and for a reason — it works. Reigns turning on the dastardly Paul Heyman has babyface money written all over it. It’s a formula for success, and one I personally hope WWE utilizes when splitting Reigns from The Shield.

Rob Van Dam. Mr. Monday Night. The Whole F’N Show. The only thing missing from Van Dam’s show is an effective promo. Sure, everyone enjoys a cool, laid-back RVD promo. “Dude!” But, how effective is that? Fans want to know that RVD cares about certain things. If Van Dam is going for the World Heavyweight Championship, fans want to know that it means something to him. They don’t want to think if Van Dam fails, “it’s cool.” Because it’s not. Fans have been clamoring for a RVD run at the top of the card in WWE dating back to the “Invasion” angle in 2001. The time was right then, and if his recent run with the company proved anything, he has stood the test of time. Why? Because the time is actually still right today.

Enter the evil genius. Everyone is aware of the history between Paul Heyman and Rob Van Dam. RVD made his name in ECW. He was one of the last of the “ECW originals” to carry the company. When ECW went out of business in 2001, Van Dam are clearly its’ top star. He has a world of potential in the ring, and remains one of the most “over” pro wrestlers in the game today. Pair RVD and Heyman up, because it’s a natural fit, and Van Dam has something to do for a change. He isn’t just a great worker that can be thrown into a random match anymore. He’s someone who has something going on.

The difference in the post-Heyman relationship with a Superstar formula with Van Dam is the fact that he doesn’t need Heyman to get him over. He’s over already. Once the two have their inevitable parting of the ways, RVD will have a clear-cut direction. Give Heyman whoever you want to run as the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion, and let Van Dam chase his ass from one side of the country to the other. Let “The Whole F’N Show” finally emerge as the important part of your show, and the fans will eat it up. It’s a no-brainer. Fans want to see RVD as a top guy. Give him to Heyman, let Heyman polish him up a bit, and then break the two apart and let RVD make Heyman’s live a miserable hell.

NOTE: The above item is an opinionated editorial, and should not be confused as a factual news item. Readers can contact the author of the above editorial, Matt Boone, via Twitter @MBoone420 or by posting your immediate feedback in the “Comments” section below.

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