No Extreme Included: What happened to Extreme Rules?


I have to ask the question: How many of you were really
looking forward to Extreme Rules last night? I know the messages are already
being drafted with the responses of, “If you don’t like it, why do you watch?”
My point is that this PPV used to have a purpose and now it seems like a waste
of a show.

While WrestleMania is and will always be the grand stage,
what we know is that Extreme Rules tends to be equally if not more noteworthy. Well, used to be anyway. The show presents all the aftermath from
WrestleMania as well as fresh feuds and match-ups that kick off the New Year in
wrestling on a high note. The problem this
year was there wasn’t much of an aftermath to look forward to. There was no
Brock Lesnar or any other surprises to spike up intrigue among the fanbase. Did the WWE set the bar too high some years ago?


Let’s look at the show as a whole……Instead of me giving my
play by play of every match, let’s just use this as an open to take the
consensus of what the overall feeling of the show was. I will add my sarcastic and opinionated views
below to basically sum up my thoughts.

  • How many more Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
    matches do we need to see? On the other hand, is there anyone here who hates
    the way they have changed up Seth Rollins’ character? I am really not a fan of
    the whinny gimmick they have placed on the guy who showed a lot of promise as
    we head into the future.
  • I may be in the minority here, but I really like
    the way Nikki Bella has grown inside the ring. Brie Mode has died and Naomi is
    supposed to be a heel, but still comes out to the disco theme of her old image.
    Paige, Charlotte, and Sasha need to
    rescue this division soon.
  • This Old House or The New Day. Which one is it?
    Both in my view are extremely bland and do not garner much attention. In the
    words of the WWE Universe, The New Day Sucks!
  • Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose gave off a sadistic
    twist, but that was to be expected. They were the closest thing to Extreme that
    was offered last night.
  • John Cena and Rusev wrestled the most
    predictable match on the card. Does anyone else think that Cena looks like he
    is holding up a belt from the toy wrestlers when he lifts the US Championship? At
    least we seen Lana.
  • Roman Reigns gave us another solid effort and
    his list of good matches is getting buried longer than Daniel Bryan’s medical
    records. If I am not mistaken, the
    loudest Holy S##t chant of the night. How did he draw the Big Show again? Why
    is the Big Show still wrestling? Please someone help me understand……
  • I actually like the New Sheamus look as the old one was starting to get stale. I still say Dolph Ziggler screwed someone within the WWE family. Yes he won, but why does one of the most popular wrestlers in the fold contniue to patrol the midcard line? Any guesses?

I wrote an article a while back about how I thought Seth
Rollins could be every bit as dynamic as HBK. He has the moves and the charisma,
but WWE creative has not given him any favors. I also could care less about the
curb stomp as it was one of the most least dramatic and most predictable finishers
in the business.

The only other thing to address is Kane. Yes, the Big Red Machine
that has outstayed his welcome. His choke slams have as much as power as a Hornswoggle
frog splash and get as much height as a kite during Hurricane Sandy. I really enjoyed his previous work, but feel
he doesn’t have much left and is being kept on because of lack of depth. My fear is he will be the next in line for a
month long saga with the champ. Please let me be wrong!

Well they are my views when it comes to Extreme Rules. I
chose not to write a long article for a lackluster PPV. Obviously it wasn’t easy to follow up a great
WrestleMania, but the lackluster booking was definitely noticeable. Please share your thoughts on  the show.

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