Noelle Foley Talks About Growing Up In The Wrestling Business And Possibly Becoming A WWE Diva


Noelle Foley, daughter of Mick Foley, recently spoke with Justin Labar of Chair Shot Reality about how much she plans to be in the wrestling business and if she will ever be a WWE Diva. Here are the highlights.

On how much she plans to be in the wrestling business:

I think so. I’ve grown up. I was literally born into wrestling. It’s all I’ll ever know, well, I hope I’ll know more, but yeah I’ve just grown into it. I watch ever week. Go to a bunch of shows.

On if she’s done any wrestling training and if she wants to be a WWE Diva:

Yes, I did train a little, just a little. But I slowly got into other things so I’m going to try to do those other things and then really get into it when the time is right.

You can watch the interview here:

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