Not In WWE Hall Of Fame: 50 Wrestlers, Managers, Factions & Others


Probability: Unlikely

#6. Bruce Prichard

Achievements: Creative Writing

We also know Bruce Prichard as Brother Love, who served as a manager for several talents. This includes being the first manager of The Undertaker, before Paul Bearer took over. Otherwise, Prichard is better known for his creative writing. It is assumed he has the most power in WWE than anyone not part of the McMahon family. He remained with WWE in this capacity from 1992 to 2008. After that, he spent time in TNA doing something similar, before being let go in 2013, and again after a short stint in 2017.

Prichard returned to WWE in 2018 and carried on with his former job. He remains in this role today and rarely appears on TV as either himself or Brother Love. When he is inevitably inducted, it will be more so for his backstage work than anything he did on television. The Brother Love character was controversial in the early 90s because it was portrayed too much like a televangelist. The only thing Brother Love will get credit for is introducing The Undertaker, but they will skim over everything else.

Probability: Very Likely

Not In WWE Hall Of Fame

#7. Chris Jericho

Achievements: WWE Champion, WWE Intercontinental Champion, WWE United States Champion, WWE European Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion, WWE World Tag Team Champion, WCW World Television Champion, WCW Cruiserweight Champion, IWGP Intercontinental Champion, ECW World Television Champion, AEW World Champion.

Now, the thing about Y2J is that WWE still appreciates him. After all, they would not allow Chris Jericho to appear on the Stone Cold Podcast if they felt he wouldn’t respect their property. As a contracted AEW wrestler, it came as a surprise to many that WWE would allow him this time. Jericho was very respectful, and although there was some mention of AEW, he kept it mostly on topic because he was there to discuss his WWE career.

I feel like WWE would love to induct Chris Jericho in to the Hall of Fame, but only after he retires. AEW may still employ him, but they could figure something out with him and Tony Khan. Much like Big Show, Chris Jericho did so much in WWE that it would be an injustice to put him on the (black) list because of where he works. Along with winning many titles in WWE and being the inventor of Money in the Bank, he’s a prime example of how to develop one’s character.

Probability: Very Likely

#8. Chyna (solo)

Achievements: WWF Intercontinental Champion, WWF Women’s Champion.

It’s unfortunate that WWE got around Chyna’s individual induction by throwing her in with D-Generation X. I can see why they did it that way, largely because of how she left the company and everything which followed… but she was a trailblazer.

Chyna did so much for women’s wrestling in WWE, as the first to enter a Royal Rumble and winning the Intercontinental title. She made things possible, and while her story is tragic, her career deserved to be honored in its own right. WWE will probably never do this now, because to them, they got around it in a way which inconveniences them the least.

Probability: Unlikely

Not In WWE Hall Of Fame

#9. Dean Malenko

Achievements: WCW Cruiserweight Champion, WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Tag Team Champion, ECW World Television Champion, ECW World Tag Team Champion, WWF Light Heavyweight Champion.

His wrestling career in WWE was not as lucrative as I’m sure he was hoping. However, his time in WCW as the Cruiserweight Champion, along with his backstage work following retirement, is more than deserving. The Iceman did so much to help the talent of today as a trainer and producer. He’s one of the best of all time. You can’t get a better teacher than Dean Malenko.

It was shocking to hear him be let go by WWE, because he had worked backstage for years. AEW picked him up, and he continues to help the current generation. One day, WWE is likely to show their respect for his work. Malenko should get a proper induction… but at the very least, he will go in to the legacy wing.

Probability: Likely

#10. Demolition

Achievements: WWF World Tag Team Champions

It’s so strange, Demolition was the longest reigning tag team champions in history. There’s no logical reason not to include them in the Hall of Fame. When The New Day approached their record, WWE didn’t mind mentioning them. However, there’s something off about this relationship. Basically, WWE has buried the memory of Demolition for so long, it would come as a surprise if they were ever inducted.

In 2016, Ax & Smash were included in a list as part of a class action lawsuit against WWE. Like several others, they were looking to blame WWE for its part in their wrestlers incurring traumatic brain injuries. Fast forward to 2018, and the US District Judge dropped the case. WWE would see this as Demolition crossing the line and would have no interest in doing business with them. The New Day surpassing their title reign record means WWE needn’t mention them again.

Probability: Unlikely

Not In WWE Hall Of Fame

#11. Dynamite Kid

Achievements: WWF World Tag Team Champion, WWF Junior Heavyweight Champion, Stampede World Mid-Heavyweight Champion, Stampede North American Heavyweight Champion, Stampede British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Champion, Stampede International Tag Team Champion, British Welterweight Champion, British Lightweight Champion.

As a Brit, I understand the legacy of Dynamite Kid. He was a popular name, especially in the UK, but sadly, his story is tragic. Whether he brought it upon himself is up for debate, but he’s just too controversial for WWE. As a wrestler? Exceptional. Bret Hart says he’s one of the best of all time. He laid the groundwork for much of the style we see today. Chris Benoit and Bryan Danielson modeled much of their ring work around Dynamite Kid, as have several others.

However, there are stories of Tom Billington being abrasive and sometimes violent with other wrestlers. Not as much early in his career, but later after bulking up with steroids, he became short-tempered, and it affected his relationships. Then there are serious injuries which eventually lead to him losing movement in his left leg. Harley Race regrets introducing the diving headbutt because of what it did to Dynamite Kid, who spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

As a former tag team champion with British Bulldog, along with his other achievements, Dynamite Kid’s career deserves an induction. It was very unlikely though, even before passing away on his 60th birthday in 2018. He wanted nothing to do with WWE, as evidenced by him being part of the same lawsuit as Demolition. His legacy is one of redefining the quality of a wrestling match, albeit doing so at the cost of his own health.

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