Not In WWE Hall Of Fame: 50 Wrestlers, Managers, Factions & Others


There would have to be an admittance of their greatness by WWE, after never doing so before. It’s a tough one, because just like Great Muta, this was a team all about professional wrestling. You had to be there to understand their popularity and chemistry, which I feel would be lost on many. While there were different versions of the team, Stan Lane & Bobby Eaton are considered the greatest. Sadly, Bobby Eaton (right) passed away last year.

Probability: Unlikely

#42. The Rock

Achievements: WWE Champion, WCW Champion, WWF Intercontinental Champion, WWF Tag Team Champion, Royal Rumble 2000, USWA World Tag Team Champion.

The People’s Champion would be a massive induction. More so for WWE than himself, because think of the money! We all know it has to happen eventually, but it’s on his terms, and it’s a funny one. Usually when someone’s inducted, they are super happy to be involved. Here, it would be WWE expressing its gratitude to Dwayne Johnson for taking time out of his extremely busy schedule.

Remember the last Survivor Series? The Rock wasn’t there in any capacity, yet WWE milked the fact it had been twenty-five years since his debut. Anything to sell The Rock, WWE will do it. So you can bet that Vince McMahon will get super excited for the day when he can finally induct him. It will be fun though… definitely the most electrifying speech in Hall of Fame history.

Probability: Very Likely

Not In WWE Hall Of Fame

#43. The Steiner Brothers

Achievements: WCW World Heavyweight Champion (Scott), NWA/WCW World Television Champions, NWA (Mid-Atlantic)/WCW World Tag Team Champions, NWA/WCW United States Tag Team Champions, IWGP Tag Team Champions, WWF Tag Team Champions. 

This would have been far less likely a few years ago, because The Steiner Brothers had been nowhere near WWE in forever. However, with Rick Steiner’s son (Bron Breakker) going far in NXT 2.0, it opens the door for a Steiner Brothers induction. Can you imagine the speech? Even more so from Scott. It would be epic! But he’d need to dial it back slightly. We haven’t seen Rick for a long time, so I’d be more interested in hearing his stories. It’s a very deserving induction, as arguably the most successful brother tag team of all time.

Probability: Likely

#44. The Undertaker

Achievements: WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion, WWF World Tag Team Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion, Royal Rumble 2007, WrestleMania record 25-2.

Well, it’s time, don’t you think? The Undertaker headlines a Hall of Fame class as early as this year. If not in 2022, then in 2023. I’m struggling for words here, because the man himself summed up his WWE career in The Last Ride documentary. Wait, what? You didn’t see it? Go do that right now, or you shall Rest… In… Peace. And yes, Paul Bearer would be so proud of everything he achieved.

Probability: Very Likely

Not In WWE Hall Of Fame

#45. Tommy Dreamer

Achievements: ECW World Heavyweight Champion, ECW World Tag Team Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion.

I was originally planning on posting this list a few months ago, but the size put me off. With the new year here, I figured I should stop procrastinating. Then I remembered Tommy Dreamer was here, and I’d have to talk about the elephant in the room. I was totally dumbfounded by Tommy’s comments in the “Plane Ride from Hell” Dark Side of the Ring episode. It was insensitive, and I’m not surprised he got backlash. Impact Wrestling did the right thing by pulling him from programming.

Dreamer apologized for his comments, so I’m going to move on. When you look at Tommy’s career, there’s a case for inducting him. If you wanted to induct Raven, it would make sense to put Tommy Dreamer in too. While Rob Van Dam was the most popular face of ECW, Dreamer was considered the heart & soul. Tommy has represented the extreme style ever since, with the House of Hardcore promotion, along with his matches for Impact. He has also served as a creative writer and mentor. Vince McMahon gave him permission to book ECW One Night Stand 2005, which was highly successful and probably my favourite PPV of all time.

If this was before the Dark Side of the Ring episode, I would have said an induction is likely. Now… I’m not so sure. Does WWE want to draw attention to Ric Flair’s past antics by inducting Dreamer? It could take a long time till WWE thinks fans wouldn’t put those together.

Probability: Unlikely

#46. Triple H (solo)

Achievements: WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Intercontinental Champion, WWF European Champion, WWF/E Tag Team Champion, King of the Ring (1997), Royal Rumble 2002 & 2016.

With his recent cardiac arrest, with which Dave Meltzer was told is “very, very, very serious”, I don’t want to assume too much. However, if Triple H gets back to a normal routine, we all know that some day he will be inducted for everything he has done in and out of the ring. He won’t need to play the game, because he already won. He might not be for everyone, but there’s no denying his accolades. Also, NXT has proved he has a mind for producing, which is great for the future of WWE.

Probability: Very Likely

Not In WWE Hall Of Fame

#47. Vader

Achievements: WCW World Heavyweight Champion, WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, IWGP Heavyweight Champion, IWGP Tag Team Champion, AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion, AJPW World Tag Team Champion, GHC Tag Team Champion.

Fans have been calling for his induction for a very long time. He is a multi-time World Champion and achieved most of his success in Japan and WCW. His time in WWE is questionable. Vader is a monster, but you couldn’t book him like that over The Undertaker, Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels. He needs to be dominant, but in an environment like this, there’s little point to him. Vince McMahon likely didn’t see the appeal, because he already had characters they had worked on for a while.

Still, Big Van Vader is worthy of recognition. Sadly, he passed away in 2018, and Sting supported him in his last days. WWE is likely to make him a legacy inductee someday, which is a shame, because he was worthy of so much more.

Probability: Likely

#48. Victoria

Achievements: WWE Women’s Champion, TNA Knockouts Champion, TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion, PWI Woman of the Year (2004).

In one of WWE’s best times for women’s wrestling, Victoria stood out from the crowd. With Trish Stratus and Lita around, she won the Women’s Championship and made a name for herself. Since then, she became a 7-time Women’s Champion between WWE and TNA. Also, she was named one of WWE’s greatest female performers on a WWE Network exclusive.

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