Not The Shield We Once Knew


It was at the 2012 Survivor Series pay-per-view that current trio known as The
Shield debuted and made an immediate impact by Triple Power-bombing
Ryback through the announcers table.

a year since their debut, this aggressive trio that fights again
‘injustice’ in WWE has done just that…up until recently. Dean Ambrose,
Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins went through practically the entire
roster beating down any person who crossed their path but up until they
began feuding with the “cult family” known as The Wyatt Family, they’ve
gone from an aggressive fighting machine working together to being laid
out in the ring by the newly reunited faction from the early 2000’s
known as Evolution, excluding Ric Flair.

the big upsetting change? WWE Creative decided that instead of
tarnishing The Wyatt Family’s well established heel characters into
babyfaces, they turned around and turned The Shield into soft pillows. 

already a guarantee that if Vince didn’t approve of a Shield face-turn,
they surely wouldn’t have been tossed around like wash cloths. Before I
continue to place the blame on 1 particular person, the actual reason
behind the turn is for their official break-up coming very soon,
according to sources. Yep, the group that has been just as dominant as
DeGeneration-X was back in the day, are set to break up….but not
individually, well, Roman will be on his own as what many fans speculate
will be the next true face of WWE taking John Cena’s spot.

doesn’t it? What sucks the most is how creative allowed The Shield to
get beaten down by Evolution and 12 other wrestlers, why not just t-bag
all 3 of them and call it a night!?!! 

Like Alberto Del Rio once was, The Shield once was a
dominating force….now they’re gonna soon be known as the Prime Time
Jobbers. Face it, as babyfaces, they’re heading down that path.

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