NXT UK Needs a TakeOver Event in 2021 to Help Save the Brand


NXT UK needs a TakeOver this year. If it can happen in front of fans, that’s the ideal scenario. Assuming it can’t, it needs to be at least treated like a Capitol Wrestling Center show with some people ringside and the ThunderDome screens.

Something has to happen to remind people that this isn’t just slightly above Main Event (a show that seems to only exist to fulfill contractual obligations to Hulu) and 205 Live (a show that should end and be replaced by NXT Evolve).


Put all the titles on the line (NXT UK, women’s, tag team, Heritage Cup and cruiserweight even if an American is holding it), add a sixth match that has some sort of value to it like a special attraction person being featured or a gimmick stipulation, and put it on the WWE Network/Peacock. Treat it like a big deal. Advertise it on Raw and SmackDown, rather than just a quick “Oh and this is happening this weekend. Anyway, let’s look at what took place earlier tonight on Raw.” moment

Maybe not a lot of people would watch it, but you can’t convince people it’s worth their time if you don’t try to upgrade its image. Never treating it like a big deal means people know it isn’t important. The more you showcase it as something you should tune in for, the more people will think they should tune in to it.

Popularity is a snowball effect. The more popular something is, the more other people think “it must be popular for a reason, so I’ll check it out”. It’s the same as how a married person becomes more desirable because clearly, they must have the traits people look for in a mate, so part of the equation is solved in your brain. Basic psychology.

No TakeOver events means NXT UK feels like an afterthought, so why bother with it?

If WWE’s response to that question is “because it’s there and if you don’t want to watch it, nobody is forcing you to” then clearly, the response from the WWE Universe is “Okay then. I won’t.”

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