NXT’s Top Contenders for Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34


McIntyre was clearly main roster bound following dropping the NXT Championship to Almas, had he not been injured. Everybody who loses that title comes up within a relatively short amount of time, so he might have even been in the Royal Rumble if he were healthy enough to do it.

That health is still in question and his recovery is up in the air, but if he’s cleared to compete in time for WrestleMania, he instantly jumps to the top of my list of potential winners of this, save for possibly Rusev.

Not only does he have the look of someone who could win this, but he’s also going to be bringing with him the clout of his previous run on the main roster, his NXT title win, the surprise element of a post-injury return AND an NXT call-up all rolled into one.

Those are too many factors to just ignore and say that he’d wrestle in the match and come up short. No, if he’s in this, he’s winning it or getting screwed out of it by a heel who wins instead and then starting a feud with them, but I’d go with the former over the latter.

Those are my picks, but which superstars from NXT do you think have the best chance to win this match? Tell us your predictions and favorites in the comments section below!

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