OBSERVATION:About the recent Diva’s matches in WWE


Hello everyone , 

I guess all of you have noticed this .Recent
matches in Diva’s division ; particularly the Championship matches
involving Paige  are lot more physical than what it used to be . The
match that immediately came to my mind was the PPV match between Tamina
Snuka and Paige was very very physical which is unlike what WWE was
doing previously . 
The variety of submission holds they are
allowing divas to apply is far more varied than the men’s division right
now where a submission master has already been reduced to 5 moves of
doom sadly .
What does that mean ? I am sure they must have
realized there viewers do not really include young girls . So it is
highly unlikely that they will copy what divas are doing in the ring at
home or school .That’s the sole possible reason I can see behind the
reason of this radical shift in approach . 
What do you think IWC?

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