Oh You Didn’t Know? The Greatest Unknown Wrestling Stories- Episode 15


All big pro wrestling fans know that The Ultimate Warrior truly lived his character outside of the ring. Born with the name, Jim Helwig, he literally changed his name to Warrior, preaching the beliefs and values of his character. Some of the values of the Ultimate Warrior included hard work, exercise, and eating healthy. Well, in this short installment, Bret Hart often recalls witnessing Warrior live his character in real life. Bret’s favorite instance of this, came when he was preparing for a match backstage. As Bret was stretching and adding final touches to his ring gear, he spotted Warrior walking into the locker room with a handful of chocolate chip cookies, most likely from catering. Warrior proceeded to crush the cookies to bits in his hands before eventually sniffing them.

Hart was puzzled by the actions of Warrior, however, Warrior defended them claiming to Bret that eating cookies is unhealthy, and he gets the same satisfaction from sniffing them as he would from eating them. After a few more long sniffs, he turned to his side, and threw the cookies in the garbage can. This is still one of Warrior’s strangest examples of staying true to the mantra of his character. In this case, eating healthy and following the beat of his own drum resulted in a true Warrior classic story.

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