Oh You Didn’t Know? The Greatest Unknown Wrestling Stories- Episode 17


WWE’s 9th Wonder Of The World makes OYDK history as she becomes the first women to appear in an installment of this series! Unfortunately, her appearance does no favors for her reputation as this story is all about how Chyna’s ego ran wild before her eventual release in November of 2001. This lesser known story may come as a shock to many, however, this was apparently how Chyna acted backstage by the time of her release.

Legend has it that by the beginning of 2001, Chyna was refusing to work with other Divas on the roster, including the likes of Trish Stratus, claiming that she should be main eventing for the World Title with Steve Austin and Triple H. She became so difficult to work with, that many people attribute her departure with the company to her ego. Although Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s affair becoming public, depression, and substance abuse are all rumored reasons for the release, Jim Ross claims that she left voluntarily. Chyna refuted this claim in 2011, saying “I wanted to stay. I was not expecting to get a fax that said, “You will not be needed anymore” when I was still on contract. That was a surprise”

Despite all these rumors, many people believe that her ego and unwillingness to work with others was what sent her over the edge. Vince McMahon must not have been pleased with her attitude, especially the idea that she was “better than” the Women’s Title.

I don’t want this article to take away from the incredible in-ring achievements that Chyna has accomplished as well as the road she paved for future women’s wrestlers and athletes to come. But on the same token, this series is about great unknown wrestling stories, and I find it interesting to report on the rumored reasons that may have led to the release of Chyna.

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