Oh You Didn’t Know? The Greatest Unknown Wrestling Stories- Episode 6


Easily one of the most disgusting stories in Pro Wrestling history, John Nord, better known as “The Barbarian” tells us a story (during a podcast) about Dusty Rhodes, and an innovative backstage invention.


Years ago at a live event in my hometown of Chicago, Barbarian went one on one with the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Before the match started, Nord was trying to find Dusty in the backstage area. Nord finally found him in gorilla position with some other big guys including Andre The Giant. According to Nord, some of the big guys had a few “hygiene problems”, meaning they sweat profusely in the ring and get “greasy” says Nord. He vows not to go into much detail, but Rhodes and the other performers were wrapping toilet paper around their fingers, and then proceeded to shove the paper into their anus. Andre and Rhodes reported that they used this contraption like a sponge. It soaked up sweat from the anus, and created a cleaner environment and longer lasting gear. The name for this tool: A Muffler. Rhodes then asked Nord if he “needed a muffler” to which Nord politely turned down.


As the bell rang, the match was underway and everything went according to plan… until the end of course. The finish included Barbarian Piledriving Rhodes. The problem is, Barbarian had never done a Piledriver. He attempted to pull Dusty up a few times, before panicking. “I was young and I was about to screw up the finish. My job was on the line I thought.” said Nord. Nord continued to stretch Dusty’s singlet, and frantically pulled him up, however, Dusty was too heavy and Nord couldn’t do it. Finally, Nord said, “This sun of a gun is join’ up!” Nord grabbed Rhodes’s rear end like a hand digging in the sand. Rhodes went up, but sideways and angled toward the ground. As he is sideways, a rolled up piece of brown, yellow, and red toilet paper fell into the ring underneath Dusty. 147723878_1434050223

Nord finishes the Piledriver and claims he almost threw up from the sight of the poop and sweat stained toilet paper roll. The most memorable line of the night came from Dusty though, as he exclaimed, “Big Johnny, my muffler fell out.” A fan immediately screamed that Dusty had dropped a tampon, but really, he dropped his muffler.

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