Oh You Didn’t Know? The Greatest Unknown Wrestling Stories Episode 7-


When I heard this story for the first time, I immediately knew I needed to write an OYDK about it! This series wouldn’t be complete without a story involving Sid Vicious, one of the most notorious pro wrestlers of all time. Between his sickening leg injury that spelled the end of his career, to facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Sid has said and done it all.

As a wrestler, long days consisting entirely of boring drives on the road isn’t uncommon. In fact, its a staple of the lifestyle of a pro wrestler. With all this time to kill on the road, Sid decided that buying a pet to combat loneliness wasn’t a bad idea. But they didn’t call him psycho for nothing… his pet of choice: A Squirrel.

Of any pet Sid could have purchased (where he got the Squirrel is unknown), a Squirrel was the one he chose. Anyway, Sid would go as far as to bring the Squirrel into events with him, which would soon prove to be a huge mistake.

Multiple unnamed coworkers of Sid dared him to place the Squirrel in his pants for one minute. Nobody has a completely accurate record of what exactly happened next, but it is believed that around 30 seconds into the dare, the Squirrel went where everyone prayed it wouldn’t. The Squirrel found a different kind of Nut, one that he probably wasn’t interested in! As the Squirrel bit down on Sid’s Testicles, he quickly grabbed it and tossed the Squirrel aside.

Sid was actually rushed to a hospital where he received a Rabies shot and stitches. Although the amount of stitches and specifics of the story are unknown, the bottom line is: Sid Vicious’s pet Squirrel bit his testicles, resulting in medical attention!

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