Oh You Didn’t Know? The Greatest Unknown Wrestling Stories- Episode 8


Let’s travel back to WCW in 1993. Steve Austin, William Regal, and Mick Foley rode together on various tours in WCW, but Foley revealed an interesting and hilarious story about an escapade that took place in Florida.

With a few hours to kill before a show, the trio decided a quick trip to the beach sounded like fun. Upon arrival, Foley decided to go body-surfing. He dove into the water and swam a few hundred yards out. Regal and Austin tanned on the beach and relaxed. All was well. After a little while, Foley looks back at the beach and realizes that Austin and Regal had ditched him. He scanned the surrounding area to see them quickly walking across the street. This left Mick wondering: Why did they leave me here?

It suddenly came to Mick’s attention that there were no females on the beach. In fact, the surplus of men on the beach seemed to be getting “very close to one another”. Many of them were wearing little clothing and tons of oil. Foley realized that the trio had decided to come to a gay beach! He then understood why Austin and Regal left, being two muscle men and all. Foley ran off the beach after his two friends where he was met with hysterical laughter from Austin and Regal.



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