Oh You Didn’t Know? The Greatest Unknown Wrestling Stories- Episode 19


Today’s installment of OYDK features two of WWE’s all time greats in Chris Jericho and John Cena. As many people know, the WWE locker room was more of a party back in the early 2000’s than it is now. That isn’t to say that the locker room today doesn’t have their fair share of fun, but it wasn’t uncommon for wrestlers to get hardcore wasted the night before a show.

Well, this was the case when John Cena and Chris Jericho decided to party together one night after a WWE show in Alaska. Upon learning that they would be working a program together, the two friends stopped at the hotel bar for some celebratory drinks. Unfortunately, the bar was about to close. They got a few drinks in before closing and then Cena asked the bartender if he could stay open a little longer, but instead, the bartender offered Cena and Jericho a full cooler filled to the brim with alcohol.

The two decided to room together and brought the cooler up to their room and began drinking. Jericho is very open about how he isn’t the biggest drinker, however, he claims to have a high tolerance. Despite this, the night (as one could predict) got out of hand. Jericho drank so much he passed out.

A few hours later, Jericho woke up once again, but now he was in bed, with no shoes and the lights were off. He looked to the left of him only to see Cena STILL drinking and listening to music while gazing out the hotel window. Cena had taken off Y2J’s shoes and tucked him into bed.

Here is Jericho’s actual account of the story below-

I’m not exactly Bon Scott, and I don’t drink all the time (despite what a lot of the stories in this book might suggest), but when I let loose it’s not often someone bests me when the Yeah Boy’s (vodka & ice) are flowing. But much to my chagrin, whenever I’ve gone head to head with Cena on the drinking fields, I usually lose.

I suffered my worst defeat to Cena a few years earlier when we toured Alaska (despite it being forty degrees below zero, he wore jean shorts the whole time and never complained about the cold). After a show in Anchorage, we hit the bar to keep warm and went pretty hard for a few hours. There were plenty of fans hanging around and John started counseling a troubled young couple, giving them marital advice like a beefy Dr. Phil. They were listening intently and, after some deep soul-searching, agreed with Dr. John that they were made for each other and should call off their impending divorce. Their marriage saved, we staggered back to my room to have a few more drinks.

When we got upstairs I opened the door and that’s the last thing I remembered until I woke up fully clothed under the covers of my bed a few hours later. I had no idea where I was and almost screamed when I saw a dark figure sitting in the corner of the room.

As my bloodshot eyes adjusted to the light, I realized the dark figure was Cena, still drinking and scrolling through my iPod. In the ultimate show of drinking dominance, John had taken off my shoes, tucked me into bed, and was drinking MY beer while listening to MY tunes.

Cena: 1

Y2Loser: 0″

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