Oh You Didn’t Know? The Greatest Unknown Wrestling Stories- Episode 21


  While the Harlem Heat reigned supreme in WCW, their opponents weren’t only suffering losses, but suffering from the horrible stench that was Booker T and Stevie Ray’s tights. With a short installment of OYDK, the former WCW Tag Team Champions bring us another downright gross story which serves as an explanation to some heat that the pair experienced backstage.

 According to multiple reports, Harlem Heat only bought one pair of tights and happened to be particularly lazy. When on the road for a long stretch of time, the duo elected to not wash their gear which ultimately led to the horrendous smell. Apparently, it got so bad that many wrestlers began believing that the Heat was pranking the roster. (Which wasn’t the case)

Eventually, the team was paired with Sherri who began doing their laundry behind their backs, saving their opponents’ noses in the process. 


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