Oh You Didn’t Know? The Greatest Unknown Wrestling Stories- Episode 23


Everybody loves a good pro wrestling road story/rib and thats why the duo of James Storm and Rhyno make tonight’s installment of OYDK. In an interview with Huffington Post, wrestling star James Storm was asked about the best prank he’s ever pulled on a fellow wrestler and his answer didn’t disappoint.

Long story shot, Storm’s brother is a police officer who lives a quiet life in Tennessee. When Storm was informed of a show that he and Rhyno would be working there, he called up his brother and asked him to pull over their vehicle and rough Rhyno up a little bit. Once on the road, Storm kept in contact with his brother until the moment they were pulled over. Storm’s brother exited his car in full uniform and began asking Rhyno questions before threatening to arrest him and performing a field sobriety test on him. Eventually, the officer “arrested” Rhyno and held him at gunpoint only for Storm to come from behind and throw a fake punch at his brother, “knocking him out”. Rhyno couldn’t believe that Storm would do such a thing and sprinted for the woods, calling for help before he was informed it was all a rib.


You can read what James Storm said exactly about the incident below:


“We were doing some shows in Tennessee and he was staying at my house with Billy Gunn. Billy and I went out drinking the night before the show and so we made Rhyno drive the next day. We were going to Jackson, Tennessee and my brother is a police officer there – and he looks nothing like me. So I had my brother pull us over and mess with Rhyno. He did the whole windows down, hands on the steering wheel business. My brother asks for his license and registration and Rhyno gives him the license but says he doesn’t know where the registration is because it’s my (Storm’s) car. My brother asks, “What’s his name?” And Rhyno said, “I don’t know,” which didn’t go down well with my brother. Rhyno explained that he didn’t know my real name because we’re all professional wrestlers, but my brother said he didn’t watch wrestling. He then asked Rhyno if he’d been drinking and Rhyno told him no at which point I shouted out that Rhyno was actually on steroids! Billy, who wasn’t in on the joke, was completely shocked by this point. My brother then pulled Rhyno out of the car and gave him the drinking test. Meanwhile, I have some bullets in the back of my truck, because I often target shoot. I held up a bullet from the window and shouted, “Officer, he’s got a gun on him!” Rhyno, in complete shock, looked at me then turned around and saw that my brother had his taser aimed at him and was screaming at him to put his hands on his head. Rhyno reached up, but my brother kept telling him to reach higher. At that point, my brother told Rhyno he was taking him to jail. He takes Rhyno to the car and puts one hand behind his back and cuffs him. I get out of the car, come running over and hit my brother from behind. He goes down as if he’s been knocked out. Rhyno turns around, one hand still cuffed and says, “What did you just do Storm!” I shouted, “Dude, let’s get out of here. We’ll rip the camera out of his car and they’ll never know it was us.” He simply said, “FU, I’m leaving.” He goes to take off, running into the woods. At that point, we let him know what was happening. He told me he was convinced I’d gone completely crazy. He was going to run into the nearest house and call the cops!”

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