One World title bad for WWE.


When the WWE unified the world belts I thought it was a great idea. I said it would make more competion. Boy I was wrong. The WWE is too big for one world belt. The WWE also needs more mid card belts as well. I don’t know about you but I love title matches. the more the better. I think the I/C, US, and European belts are necessary to create stars and breed competition at its highest level. WWE also needs to move more fluidly through storyline. Fans have short attention spans and crave fast moving action. Seeing Vicki get vomited on is not whats ” Best for business “. Even though Attitude is long gone, we can still have creative and exciting tv. WWE has great wrestling talent. Its not a far trip to greatness if you cultivate the variety and add the second world title again. The unification experiment failed. But thats ok. It is a lesson learned. You can’t go back to go forward. The WWE business model is designed for multiple champions. 2 major Tv shows in Raw and Smackdown. 5 hours to fill should not be that hard if each show had a resident champ.  The WWE Network just furthers the need for meaningful competion and less BS. Do right by the NXT stars coming up and bring back the second world belt and legitimize the secondary belts.

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