Outlaws In The New Era?


The WWE is definitely garnering their fair share of criticism and second guessing throughout these last few months. This is all in regards to the older talents coming back for a quick payday or ratings boost, while officials seem to hold back the younger guys, not letting them share or own the spotlight. As we all have seen over the last year or so, The New Age Outlaws have been thrown into the ring from time to time at house shows or live events to garner a quick pop or ratings boost. This team is not quite what they were during the attitude era, but still are extremely popular and good on the mic. However, this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble, their status within the company took a major push forward, as they were crowned, for the Sixth time, New Tag Team Champions.


While pondering what has been going on lately with the disappearance of CM Punk, the Royal Rumble win from Batista, etc., it made me start to think if such a move is in the same mold or a proper played plan to establish an up and coming Tag Team, who may need to be put over. As we all have seen in the past, a proper labeled tag team within the WWE can prove to be very successful within the locker room and the universe. For example, The Hardy Boys took the WWE by storm because of their high flying antics and in ring performances that left the universe clamoring for more. They, along with teams like the New Age Outlaws, were able to make the tag team division relevant again, something I think the WWE may be looking to do right now.

This brings me to the high flying and exciting duo of the Uso’s. In my opinion, this is the one team who has the ability to keep the universe interested, as well as intrigued. The WWE has been featuring these guys more and more over the last few months, which leads me to believe they have big plans for them in the near future. Therefore, this notion is why I believe the Outlaws may have been brought back to relevance, helping put the Uso’s over just in time for a title run. Yes, the Rhodes’ brothers have been exciting and a nice change of pace over the last few months, but from reading the current news updates on this site, it looks as though they are setting up for a Cody vs. Goldust match for Wrestlemania XXX, leaving for another team to garner the belts.

As you can see, this could be the perfect the reason for the Outlaws to make a quick 2 month run as Champs, leading us into the big event. They can play a major role in pinning the Rhodes boys up against one another, use their veteran skills to put the Uso’s over, and by keeping the universe interested along the process. In my opinion, it is a plan that could play out to be brilliant and very successful!!!

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