The “Paige” Turner: This Is My House


Heading into the summer, Stephanie McMahon made it clear that it was time for a “Women’s Revolution” to begin. In came names like Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch & Charlotte. Although it was good to see fresh faces in the Women’s division and ushering out this “Divas” division, did it not feel as if Paige was just a 4th wheel to Sasha, Charlotte & Becky? Paige was a member of this revolution but she left the nest earlier than the rest. Although it did appear that Paige was being excluded out of this Women’s Revolution there was one moment where she was feuding with at the time, current Divas Champion Charlotte and performed one of the most debatable and argumentative promos of all time.

Months following that promo, Paige would go on to be unsuccessful at capturing the WWE Divas Championship three consecutive times. After her losing streak, Paige took some time off due to injury (kayfabe). Upon her return, Paige was lost, as WWE was focusing on heading into newer things such as the conversion of the Divas Championship into the Women’s Championship, focusing in on Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch & Charlotte to be the leaders of the new division. Paige was lost in the shuffle, she had no direction and it just appeared as if she was a part of the past. Paige was on the WrestleMania 32 pre-show, while the Women from NXT where headlining their division for the renewed WWE Women’s Championship.

The Decline:

In the summer of 2016, Vince McMahon announced that there will be WWE Draft, superstars will be moved to different brands and there will be a new look in the company. Paige was drafted to RAW, but we never saw the former Divas Champion and it was later discovered that Paige was out due to injury. A few weeks following her injury revelation, Paige was suspended from the WWE for violating the company’s wellness policy which is where WWE officials began to be frustrated with Paige and very much so Paige with her career. She went from being the one of the creators of the Women’s Revolution to not even being a part of it. A month later in September of 2016, Paige revealed that she would be undergoing neck surgery, think back 2 years prior, on your first night on WWE television you were the face of the division and were a sign of hope that Women’s wrestling would be back and 2 and a half years later this would be her current situation.

In October of 2016, Paige was once again suspended from the WWE for the same reason as the previous suspension, a wellness policy issue with an extended 30 days onto her already 30-day suspension. WWE reportedly was fed up with Paige’s “unwise decision making” as they even aired it out on Twitter that she failed her test due to illegal substances. Paige responded with…

June of 2016 had been the last time we seen Paige in a WWE ring and unfortunately that is how the situation remained.

The Women’s Division train in WWE had long gone on and it left Paige at the previous stop. Looking back at it, I feel for Paige, let alone if she had time to reflect on it I know she was pissed as well seeing where her career was headed. But, unfortunately things only became worse. In March of 2017, still no in-ring action from Paige as she at 24 years of age seemed to be a part of past for the Women’s division in WWE. There were graphic pictures & videos leaked online of Paige which caused her parents to intervene and even state that they were concerned about the mental health of their daughter considering what has happened to her.

The funny thing is, WWE never gave an official statement addressing the photos that had been leaked of Paige. Instead they made a non-verbal gesture of sorts. One of the graphic images that Paige was in, saw the NXT Women’s Championship and it was reported that the reason there are new NXT Championship Titles was because of that photo, but WWE couldn’t just blatantly change the Women’s Championship and not change the rest. It also does not help Paige that her boyfriend, Alberto El Patron is posting videos on Paige’s social media saying explicit comments towards WWE officials considering she is still signed with the company, but that has been going on with El Patron for a while. But, seeing as how him and Paige are together, he is a representation of her, giving her a bad look on top of the other things that has happened to her over the past year.

Paige’s last televised match was in June of 2016. The former Divas Champion started wrestling at 13 years old, turned her dream into a reality, became the youngest Divas (Women’s) Champion of all time and all of it left her side in less than 2 years. WWE reportedly has no plans for Paige moving forward and it there does not appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel for her. Paige belonged in this era of Women’s Wrestling beside the Alexa Bliss’s, Charlotte’s, Naomi’s, Sasha’s and Bayley’s just to name a few of the women who are carrying the Women’s Revolution that Paige basically started. The Anti-Diva is no longer and it is sad to say, but there may not be a future for Paige in WWE at the current moment. Maybe, in a few years Paige will return, but by the looks of it right now, this is no longer Paige’s house.

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