What are the plans for Owens and Zayn at Wrestlemania 34?


With Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn facing WWE Champion AJ Styles in a Triple Threat Match at Fastlane, it seems the company has no specific plans for the two former tag team partners regarding their presence in the “Showcase of the Immortals”.

AJ Styles’ interference during the match between Owens and Zayn at SmackDown Live, which would determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship, led to General Manager, Daniel Bryan, announcing the Triple Threat Match at Fastlane.

Yet, as Shinsuke Nakamura (who won the Royal Rumble Match) is scheduled to battle AJ Styles in New Orleans on April 8th, the Triple Threat Match will probably determine what is next for “KO” and Zayn at Mania.

A match between the two best friends would be awesome

Following their 2-on-1 handicap match against the current champion at the Royal Rumble, we have seen Owens and Zayn not be on the same page and confront each other for their defeat.

Regarding Zayn, the 33-year-old superstar looks ready not only to show he can be equally competitive without the aid of his best friend, Kevin Owens, but also to become the new WWE Champion.

On the other hand, Owens still thinks he is better than his best friend and has the upper hand in this partnership, however it seems he has lost the momentum he had in the previous months.

So, if both Owens and Zayn lose to AJ Styles next month, it’s certain “KO” will blame his best friend for the defeat and will verbally assault him in order to create the feud.

Similarly, Zayn, who has stated he wants a title opportunity, will confront Owens and, consequently, the storyline will continue that way until Wrestlemania.

Given how talented the two wrestlers are, a match between the two will certainly be great, while the WWE can add a stipulation (e.g a future title opportunity) to further raise the stakes.

The alternative scenario

The other option the WWE has is to schedule a tag team match featuring “KO” and Zayn against two other opponents.

This will happen only if the two friends rebuild their partnership and work together against AJ Styles, so in case they don’t win the title, they will be able to continue their “Yep Movement” and keep competing as tag team partners.

A decent option would be for the duo to compete for the Tag Team Championship against the current champions, The Usos, or against the New Day.

Moreover, what would certainly attract the attention of the WWE Universe would be a match between Owens and Zayn against Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan.

Given the history between the “Yep Movement” and the Commissioner of SmackDown, it would be great if the creative team scheduled that match.

Concerning Shane-O-Mac’s tag team partner, Bryan would be an excellent choice, as this would also mean he would be medically cleared to compete for the first since his retirement.

Although Bryan and Shane are not on the same page concerning Owens and Zayn, it’s not unlikely they will team up against the two best friends.

In case the former WWE Champion can’t wrestle at Wrestlemania, there are other options that the company may choose for Shane’s tag team partner.

For instance, a returning Chris Jericho, who battled against Owens at Wrestlemania 33, would be a decent choice, yet it’s still uncertain whether “Y2J” will be able to appear in the “Showcase of the Immortals”.

Last but not least, a surprise partner (e.g Rey Mysterio, Batista) would also make sense, as it is commonplace for WWE to have former superstars make their return at Wrestlemania.


Overall, we can only guess what the creative team has in mind regarding Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, so the aforementioned scenarios are only speculations, which are based on what has happened so far concerning the two superstars.

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