Poor European WWE Fans


You gotta feel bad for the WWE fan base in Europe this week. Fans across Europe purchased their tickets, made their plans, and were excited for the semi-rare opportunity to see our favorite brand of sports entertainment live.

The company only goes over to the European market for regular live event tours a few times a year at best, and this time around, star power is at its’ lowest level in quite a while.

The CM Punk situation happened, so WWE fans in Europe knew not to expect to see “The Best In The World” this time of year, but they did expect to see the leader of the “Yes! Movement” and the big boy of The Shield.

Unfortunately for them, they won’t.

Roman Reigns is pretty likely to be able to continue his in-ring efforts in Europe this week if the company chooses to let him work, as initial concerns that he suffered a concussion when knocking heads with Randy Orton in Glasgow, Scotland on Wednesday night. Instead, Reigns “merely” suffered that hideous gash over his right eye. Whether or not he’ll continue to work on the overseas tour as a result remains to be seen.

The situation surrounding the absence of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion is what it is. Just bad timing for the European fans. Instead of Daniel Bryan headlining the shows, and possibly even the “plan B” of Reigns vs. Orton in the main event, it looks like they’ll have to settle for a “Last Man Standing” match between Big Show and Kane.


Speaking of Bryan, WWE issued the following statement and photo (pictured above) regarding his condition following neck surgery, which he underwent on Thursday afternoon:

“After being diagnosed with the nerve issue in his neck by WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann, Bryan underwent a procedure known as a cervical foraminotomy to decompress the nerve root. The surgery was performed by world-renowned neurosurgeon and sports medicine expert Dr. Joseph Maroon. WWE.com was not able to get an official timetable for Daniel Bryan’s return, but can confirm that the WWE World Heavyweight Champion is out of surgery and doing well, with strength already returning to his hands.”

Don’t forget, Monday’s RAW will emanate from London, England. That means we should have an awesome crowd on Monday night, however it also means the show won’t be airing live in the United States. Make sure to check back here at eWrestlingNews.com on Monday afternoon for complete spoilers of the show.

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