Possible Championship Threats to Nick Aldis


With the Coronavirus outbreak temporarily suspending NWA Powerrr episodes and with the Crockett Cup being cancelled; I thought that an opinion article could be a fun idea.

NWA is still playing past events every Tuesday at 6:05 EST. Cody vs Nick Aldis at the 70th Anniversary is on their channel and the January 5th event from last year will be on today. With all of that however, some questions have been rattling around in my head and one comes up the most. Who can defeat “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis? We know he’s not invincible seeing he is a two time World Champion, losing to Cody at All In in 2018.

Who can become the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion?

Championship Threats

Nick Aldis, currently on his second reign as the NWA World Champion, has held the prestigious title for, in writing this article, 513 days. Within the lengthy reign; he defeated Cody to recapture the Championship and faced many notable names within Ring of Honor,  the National Wrestling Alliance and even some special names around the world.
“Big Hurt” Jake Hager, “The Machine” Brian Cage, James Storm twice and in former Powerrr Shows with Tim Storm and Ricky Morton along with Ring of Honor’s Flip Gordon, PJ Black and Colt Cabana. There are so many names that could step up and challenge Aldis just from the past competitors alone or even partnered companies. Maybe Ring of Honor Champion, RUSH wants to be double World Champion. Jay Lethal steps up to the plate and takes on the Champion in a classic bout. What if Dragon Lee defeats the National Treasure and defends the Championship in ROH, NWA and even defends it in NJPW?

With all the possibilities that could come and face Nick Aldis, there are three names popped into my head the most and I believe that these three could potentially be the next NWA World Champion.

For me personally, I will label them as this: “The Obvious”, “The Biased” and “The Surprise”

“The Villain” Marty Scurll

Let’s get the obvious choice out of the way. Marty Scurll throughout his career in the bigger companies, is always in the background, the bridesmaid and never the bride. Last year’s Crockett Cup had these two face each other for the Championship and it ended in Aldis’ favor.

The story leading up to this year’s Crockett Cup event had the Villain pitted against Nick Aldis once again and if you are unfamiliar with Marty Scurll’s work, he is very talented and very calculated with his in ring actions. With the added stipulation against his championship match against Nick Aldis where if Marty were to lose, he’d have to give Nick Aldis a check for $500,000 because that’s how much Aldis says it is worth. Marty has a lot to prove this time around and who knows, he might have became the new World Champion in the National Wrestling Alliance. It’s a good way to strengthen the partnership and bond between ROH and NWA since Marty became a producer for Ring of Honor Television.

Maybe it will still happen when they resume programming. All I’m going to say is, it’s about time for the Villain to hear the bell rung for him with World Championship in hand.

Eli DrakeChampionship Threats

This is my more biased pick. In the weaker years of Impact; Eli Drake was one of the main reasons I stuck around after most of the notable names left the company. What’s not to like about E…li Drake? He’s got the microphone skills like The Rock, he’s a powerhouse in the ring with agility to boot. I know that he is currently World Tag Team Champions with James Storm but with the good amount of Tag Teams in the NWA, that might be short lived. The Rock n’ Roll Express might take it off of the two new teammates or maybe the Bouncers win the titles with the shenanigans of The Pope. Maybe The Question Mark and Aron Stevens become NWA Third Degree Tag Team Champions together. Who knows.

In my opinion, the technical style of Nick Aldis might not be able to prepare for Eli. You can have the flashy moves from Eli like his fast paced offense from the ropes or the classic power moves. How ever the match would play out, these two former Impact World Champions going at it for the “Ten Pounds of Gold” would be one of the best championship matches within the mainstream revival of the NWA. That’s not an insult to any past matches, that is just a fact of life.

Thom LatimerChampionship Threats

Finally, it’s time for “The Surprise”. How interesting would it be if Strictly Business would implode and have Thom Latimer be the rising star from it’s ashes? Now I’m not saying this is a spoiler or run through the rumor mill, I’m going with the “What If”. What if Strictly Business had issues within? What if Camille gets in Thom’s head and tells him that he is better than Nick Aldis? What if Camille betrays Nick and Thom follows suit?

He’s got the look. He’s got the charisma. He is insanely talented inside of the ring, whether it’s singles or tagging with his Wildcards and Strictly Business partner, Royce Issacs. He has everything to be a World Champion and yet, what is the one thing that is stopping those Championship aspirations? His Strictly Business stablemate, Nick Aldis, the current World Champion. Will this happen in the future? Who knows. Would it be a fun story to play with leading up to the championship match? Absolutely. I believe sometime in the near future, Thom Latimer needs to step out of the shadows and prove why he is more than just a Tag Team Champion.

What would be some opinions or suggestions that could be the Next NWA World Heavyweight Champion that come to mind for you? Maybe it’s someone in NWA already. A Ring of Honor wrestler comes in to win possibly. Could be someone previewed on Circle Squared getting their shot or maybe, someone with a contract ending in a bigger company like NJPW or WWE. There will be some more opinion posts during the COVID-19 quarantine so the viewers can still get their dose of NWA and possibly more.

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