Possible Non-Wrestling Roles for Eva Marie


Recently, there’s been some buzz that WWE is looking to use Eva Marie in some kind of a non-wrestling capacity, perhaps due to a change in creative direction, perhaps due to a sudden realization that she’s just not that good.

Despite not being super talented in the ring or on the mic, Eva Marie does still have some value in the company where it makes sense for WWE to try to use her in some fashion. She’s hot, and although you may not necessarily be pining over her or think she’s this generation’s 1996 Sunny or 1998 Sable, general public opinion just makes this an overall truth. On top of this, she has a name people recognize now that she’s been in the mix for a few years, so since WWE’s already invested time and money in her, she needs to start paying back one way or another.

That being said, what does the future have in store for Natalie Eva Marie Nelson Coyle?

Option 1) The Rumors are Bullshit

Before we even speculate about different ways WWE can use her, let’s just address the obvious thing here by saying these dirt sheet reports could be 100% fictitious. It’s not rare for scoops to turn out to be true, but it’s also not a guarantee that something is legitimate just because it’s on the internet. I could post something here on eWrestlingNews or on Smark Out Moment that I’ve entirely pulled out of thin air and if it’s sensational enough, other markets will run it as fact.

There’s a definite possibility that Eva Marie will simply continue to wrestle, train with the hopes of improving, and either make it to the level she needs to be at or reach a point where WWE gives up.

Option 2) Total Divas Exclusive

The one success that Eva Marie has had, undoubtedly, is being a focal point on Total Divas. She helped launch the show and make it what it is today. Granted, lots of people will argue that that’s a bad thing, as the show isn’t going to be winning any Emmy awards any time soon, but WWE is happy enough with how things are going and I would assume E! follows that same mentality.

Over the past few years, Eva Marie has only wrestled sparingly and not made a name for herself in any other way in the company outside of Total Divas. What’s to say that WWE doesn’t just keep her as an actress on that show and nothing more? It’s familiar territory, she’s a proven commodity, and there isn’t much risk involved. If they can keep her cheap and not have too much backlash from people getting frustrated that she’s representing a division she doesn’t participate in, I could see this being one of their most favorite choices.

Option 3) WWE Network Exclusives

With the WWE Network, there’s been an influx of other jobs in the company that never existed before. Now, someone who is too old or injured to perform in the ring doesn’t have to kill themselves on the independent markets just to get a paycheck. Some still do, but that’s beside the point. A man like Corey Graves, who has retired from in-ring competition, performs as a member of the commentary team and a panelist on special events, but he also has been responsible for two WWE Network shows—Culture Shock and Superstar Ink.

There’s always room for more content, so maybe there’s a show in the future that will revolve around Eva Marie. Considering how many celebrities that have nothing to do with World Wrestling Entertainment have appeared on shows like The WWE List, it can be argued that she at least has more ties to the company than those names, so she would be somewhat justified in getting a spot.

As far as ideas go for what this show could be, I have no idea. The only thing Eva Marie seems to have to her name is her modeling career, so maybe WWE would try to replicate the success of shows like America’s Next Top Model by doing something along those lines. I certainly wouldn’t watch it, but then again, there’s an audience out there that cares about things like that and the Kardashians, so clearly I’m not the definitive focus group target that this would be geared toward.

Option 4) Manager or Valet

The next highest up position on the totem pole that requires at least some kind of personality would be using Eva Marie as either a manager or a valet to another superstar. This keeps her out of the ring enough where she doesn’t cause any problems, but keeps her in the spotlight enough to justify her paycheck.

Eva Marie’s character is a bitch and really disliked by the audience, so it makes sense to try to transfer some of that heat from her onto someone who might be needing it for his or her singles run. She’s proven that she can’t be trusted to become Fandango’s new dance partner, but she could be good arm candy for someone like Tye Dillinger or Tyler Breeze.

Option 5) Backstage Interviewer

At this point in the list, we’re kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel. With all of the other options, she’s at least somewhat of a focal point where she can show off her character. As a backstage interviewer, Eva Marie would be nothing but an attractive tool. Rarely does someone ever stand out in this job, as the majority of interviewers WWE has had for the past decade can be boiled down to a sexy woman holding a microphone for a wrestler (which is something a microphone stand can accomplish much cheaper, minus the sexy part). It doesn’t require much talent to ask superstars some predetermined questions to prompt their promos and then stare slightly off to the distance while the camera cuts away.

Still, some people have found themselves not being able to do this well. Devin Taylor—beautiful as she is—was one of those recent cuts. Since her mic work isn’t exactly stellar, either, Eva Marie doesn’t strike me as a good choice to replace her, but WWE values this position so little that I wouldn’t be surprised if they at least tried her out.

Worst case scenario, all of these options above don’t work and WWE resorts to the deep six option of releasing her. If she can’t wrestle, can’t talk, and can’t be used as a spokesperson or working behind the scenes in some way, the time will come to cut ties and call the experiment a loss. Until that happens, we just have to speculate on what Eva Marie’s future will be.

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