Possible Opponents For The Undertaker At WrestleMania 31


When Chad Patton hit his hand on the mat for the third time, the wrestling world was shell shocked. There have been memes made about people’s faces and their expressions when Lesnar F5ed Taker for the pinfall win. After the shock wore off every wrestling site out there began predicting if Taker would come back and who his opponent would be. It has been said that right when Taker got back stage he collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital, in fact even Vince McMahon was on that ambulance with him to the hospital. Due to Taker’s age (49) his wrestling style has had to change. Although, in pro wrestling you tend to compete longer then the average athlete, 49 is still an old age even in wrestling. Before I get to far off topic let me make a prediction about Taker’s possible future opponents.

1. Brock Lesnar – WWE could always go the route where Taker wants redemption and his beats Brock Lesnar once and for all. So he can walk out on top. But, if Lesnar holds the title to Mania they’re not gonna want to put the Undertaker in a title match because he is not gonna stick around after Mania. This story line would only be good if they want to not make Taker go out on top but also make him look very good. 


2. Bray Wyatt – This would be a fun feud because of the similarities in their characters. Obviously, Taker would come out on top but they both have very interesting mic skills and they could sell their match in an unpredictable way. Bray Wyatt could try and make Taker join him and they could rule the WWE together because they are so much alike.

3. Kane – They have had WrestleMania matches before and neither of their wrestling is that great anymore anyways. But it would be a fun feud to wrap up once and for all. Of course it won’t be the same because the great, Paul Bearer isn’t involved but he could definitely be brought up to make the promos personal. Since Kane is on team Authority right now it could become Undertaker vs The Authority and that would be a great way for him to exit on top.

4. John Cena – If they finally ever decided to turn John Cena heel this would be the match to do it with. Undertaker could return on RAW announcing he is retiring because of his body. All of a sudden Cena’s music hits and everyone thinks he’s out there to shake his hand or something. Cena reaches out his hand, Undertaker goes in for it and Cena picks him up for the Attitude Adjustment. Much like when Mark Henry had his “retirement speech”. This will most likely never happen but it’s fun to think about.

5. Sting – You knew his name would be on this list, he has appeared once in WWE ring at Survivor Series but besides that we have never seen him officially compete in a WWE ring. This could be both Sting’s and Undertaker’s retirement match to see who truly is the better wrestler. This has been a dream match for die hard wrestling fans for a long time now. Once news broke that Sting signed a contract with the WWE, the first thing everyone wanted to know is if he would wrestle The Undertaker.

These are my five possibilities but who knows what’s gonna happen. For all we know Taker might truly not compete this year because of his health. Since we have seen him on the WrestleMania 31 poster most people speculate he will be. Tell me who you think he should wrestle or if he should wrestle in the comments section below.

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