Possible Returning Talent Teaser on WWE.com?


WWE.com has posted a photo album of Superstar “Makeovers” over the past years. All of them on there are either WWE in ring performers, free agents or past talents.. But two stood out to me.


Scott Steiner & Sting

Considering the Royal Rumble is coming up quickly, and many superstars are returning to the squared circle. Could this be a teaser of who would be returning?

Sting usually signs with TNA by the end of year under a “short term contract” allowing him to move freely where he see’s fit. usually when his contract expires there’s always speculation of a WWE return.. There has been very minor talks of him facing the Undertaker of WMXXX which honestly would be a big hyped match.

As for Scott Steiner, I’m still up in the air as to whether he will return or not. His in ring performance during his last WWE stint didn’t impress the WWE executives, so I’m not expecting; nor am I as excited for his return..

Speculation obviously, but it was a thought worth sharing.

Any opinions?

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