Potential Rivals For Batista At Wrestlemania


With the news surfacing of Batista returning to WWE and WWE’s love for larger than life talents back in the business; let’s look at Batista’s possible rivals at Wrestlemania.

1. Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns could be at focus point of this Royal Rumble according to some sources. Let’s just say 29th entry is Dave Batista. Crowd goes nuts when Cena and Dave have a stare down. Batista then goes on to eliminate Ryback, Cena and some good superstars before suffering a shock elimination at the hands of Roman Reigns. This could shape up a potential rivalry for Wrestlemania benefitting both WWE and Roman Reigns.

2. Triple H: HHH would love to be a part of this annual Wrestlemania. Since Austin has not been confirmed to wrestle as of yet, HHH could be challenged by his old friend Batista with Batista representing Vince for the power of W.W.E. HHH vs Batista with Austin as special guest referee for the power of WWE.

3.C.M. Punk/Bryan: A fresh match. Good thing about this match would be Punk/Bryan carrying an average wrestler Batista to a potential good match. Batista could return face but then turn on the face wrestlers to join The Authority. Heel Batista delivered some amazing promos against Rey Mysterio and John Cena some 5 years back. Punk vs Batista on mic and the ring would feel special just like Lesner Vs Punk that was featured on this year’s SummerSlam.

4. Brock Lesner: Lesner Vs Batista has been watched by a lot of people all thanks to youtube. This match once took place in their training days. Brock Lesner vs Batista could steal the show. It could also be as bad as Goldberg Vs Lesner. But I believe, with Lesner’s offensive move set and Batista’s fresh moves (new to some of the audience), this match is money.

5. Randy Orton: Randy Orton Vs Batista for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Slow paced match but this can sell crowds. It could easily be the main event of Wrestlemania.

Your views?


Nikhil Chandwani

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