Prediction Day: Elimination Chamber 2015


Bo Dallas vs. Neville

Predicted Winner: Bo Dallas

The one crime of this PPV is that they decided to put R-Truth in the chamber match instead of Neville. Regardless, this match will definitely suffice as an opener. This will likely not be as good as their NXT work, due to time constraint, but it should still be competitive. Bo Dallas will likely win due to Neville’s “injured” leg, as well as the fact that they will likely have a second match in a few weeks at Money in the Bank.

12 Man Elimination Chamber Tag Team Match (WWE Tag Team Championships)


Predicted Winner: The New Day

Multi-man tag match? Always go with the winner. The New Day is too hot right now to pull the belts off. Although there are other deserving tag teams, this is not the time. Hopefully, these men will get time to shine. This match consists of 6 high flyers, 5 strong men, and Cesaro (who is on another level of his own). This will hopefully give guys like Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons the chance to show what they can do with the grand stage of the chamber.

The one issue I see with this match is we are missing Harper & Rowan (or the Brothers of Construction). Harper not in a chamber match is a bit cringe-worthy, but I suppose there should be enough action with 12 men in a single match.

12 Man Elimination Chamber Tag Team Match (WWE Tag Team Titles)

Nikki Bella vs. Paige vs. Naomi (WWE Diva’s Championship)

Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella

Although I wanted to go with Naomi on this one, Nikki was built up so much over the past while, it would be odd to see her lose in a triple threat. Her loss will likely come to Naomi, but in a singles match. This match will likely suffer from time constraint (which is fine, when you consider the other matches on this card). Hopefully the girls can pull off a few spots to impress the crowd, because it will be hard to follow any of these matches.

Six Man Elimination Chamber Match (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Predicted Winner: Sheamus

The only reason Rusev was not the predicted winner is because he was seen with a leg brace on and a wheel chair. It’s likely precautionary, but still safe to not bet on him now. R-Truth also does not seem like a likely entrant, so expect him to be replaced by someone like Bray Wyatt. The way he was squashed on Monday is nonsensical, so expect some sort of swap on-the-fly.

Bray, Sheamus, Ziggler are all strong competitors that will keep the chamber interesting. All the men will be looking to make their mark and hit some great spots. Ziggler will be the likely candidate to jump from the pod or other miscellaneous high spot. Provided Rusev is not injured, expect Lana to play some part in him not winning the title. Regardless, this should be a fantastic and fun match.

Six Man Elimination Chamber Match (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Kevin Owens vs. John Cena

Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens

The US title is not on the line with the man that puts it on the line on a weekly basis? Owens is absolutely going over. Cena may not lose clean, but he will lose. If you are a fan of Owens, this is probably good news for you. A win from Cena is going to give him a large sum of credibility, and huge momentum going forward. The biggest questions lay with what happens after this match is over?

The match itself should be a better version of Cena/Rusev at Wrestlemania. Physical, hard hitting, and some Supercena spots. This is Owens’ chance to show the casual fans why he deserves the spotlight, so expect him to go all out with his versatile arsenal.

*As a side, this was one of the best 2-week build ups for a feud I have ever seen in the WWE.

Kevin Owens vs. John Cena

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins

These men always put on a good match, so expect nothing less. I will go out on a limb on this one and say this will be the time Roman Reigns turns heel, and costs Ambrose the match. It sets up for a great Ambrose/Reigns feud, and keeps them both busy until Summerslam.

With regards to the match, it will be another classic to their library. Hopefully the outside interference is not as prominent, but at least expect a run-in by the usual suspects. If the Spanish announce table is not broken by Owens, it will get broken by one of these men. Rollins and Lesnar will eventually be a feud, so expect him to keep the strap 100%.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

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