Predictions for TNA Slammiversary


For the first time since October’s abomination of a Bound For Glory PPV, TNA is holding a live PPV Event this Sunday with the 13th edition of Slammiversary. Over the years, Slammiversary has been a pivotal PPV for TNA as this is usually when they announce a Hall of Famer as well as put on some of their best shows. Last year’s Slammiversary, which was held in Arlington, TX, kicked off a very strong summer and fall for TNA where they set up shop at the Manhattan Center as well as the Sands Casino in PA for the rest of the year. This year’s Slammiversary tells a much different story as it will be held in the Impact Zone as well as five or six weeks of Impact episodes that will air following the PPV have already been taped. Also, there are no title matches being contested at the PPV event, which gives it that throwaway feel like last year’s Bound For Glory had. There is also a lot of news surrounding TNA with rumored departures and expiring contracts, as well as quite a few people that have already parted ways with the company this week. But having said all that, it is a live PPV event taking place this Sunday and since there will be about fifty Battleground Predictions posted in the upcoming weeks, I figured I would give TNA and Slammiversary its just due and give some predictions for this weekend’s event.

**Disclaimer: I don’t read spoilers so I have no idea of anything that will be transpiring in the upcoming episodes of Impact. If you plan to comment on this article, I ask that you please respect that and not post any spoilers in your comments for the benefit of me and others like me who choose not to read spoilers. Thank you in advance.**


Something has gone wrong with the Bro Mans, and it has led Jesse to take on a big time mean streak. He’s attacked his former Bro Mans partners Robbie E and DJZ several times over the past couple of weeks leading up to this showdown. Jesse taken on a whole new attitude and look. He’s dropped the over usage of “Bro” and “Dude” and seems to be taking things much more serious now. Jesse Godderz gets the win here, solidifying his moving on from the Bro Mans and taking that next step toward whatever awaits him in his future as a professional wrestler.

The Dollhouse vs Kong & Brooke

Since their debut, the Dollhouse has been terrorizing pretty much everyone in the Knockouts Division. With TNA Knockout Champion Taryn Terrell at the helm, The Dollhouse has used the numbers game to their advantage time and again. They do battle with Kong and Brooke, who are teaming up for this match to get retribution before their Triple Threat Title Match on this upcoming episode of Impact. The Dollhouse always seems to pull off a victory in their matches and I don’t see that changing here. Brooke and Kong will eventually start to disagree since they’ll be opponents three days later and the Dollhouse will capitalize on it.

Lashley & Anderson vs EC3 & Tyrus

This is one of those curious situations that I spoke about in my intro here. EC3 has a title match against Kurt Angle coming up on Wednesday. The good thing about this is, his undefeated steak is not in jeopardy. The bad part is, he’s got two men across thering who absolutely hate him. Tyrus has proven to be very beneficial to EC3’s success this year, but on Sunday, the odds are even. Lashley and Anderson get their revenge, but they get the pin on Tyrus, and EC3 gets to keep his ego.

Davey Richards vs Austin Aries

Another curious move, TNA decided not to have match five of this incredible series of matches on their PPV. Instead, Richards and Aries will go one on one with the winner choosing the stipulation for match five, which will now take place on Wednesday. This should be the match of the night and a potential match of the year candidate, even though full metal mayhem from this past Wednesday will be difficult to top. The Wolves took the first two matches and then the Dirty Heels went full heel to take the next two and even the series. It only makes sense that Austin Aries picks up the win here and chooses the stipulation for Wednesday’s final match to crown new Tag Team Champions. There could be shenanigans involved but either way, Aries picks up the win.

Bram vs Matt Morgan

Bram has been on this kick where he wants to beat past TNA talents building toward something that we still don’t have the answer to. So far, he’s defeated Crimson, Joseph Parks, and lost by DQ to Vader where he attacked him with the steel turnbuckle weapon or whatever it’s called. Well, this brought on the return of another former TNA talent in the Blue Print, Matt Morgan who beat down Bram and tossed him out of the ring. Bram will look to exact his revenge and continue his streak of defeating TNA talents of the past. I was hoping we would get answer to his quest this Sunday but it looks like it will continue on a little longer. I fully expect Bram to continue the roll he’s on and get the best of Morgan.

James Storm vs Magnus

This is a heated rivalry that has been built over a couple of months just as the Magnus/Bram feud came to an end, James Storm entered the picture to save Mickey James from certain harm at the hands of Bram. This kicked off a weird relationship where Storm seemed to venture away from his Revolution and was somewhat of a fan favorite in his support of his good friend Mickie James, much to the dismay of her fiance’ Magnus. James crossed the line at several points but nothing worse than a few weeks ago where he pushed Mickey off a rail road station platform. This match should be vicious and violent. Will we see a darker side of Magnus come out? Will Mickie James show up? In the end, I fully expect Magnus to get the revenge he’s looking for, but wouldn’t be surprised if Mickie James turns on Magnus and it’s revealed that she actually did join Storm’s revolution after all. I’m leaning toward a Magnus win, especially if the reports of James Storm leaving TNA are true.

6 Man X Division Title Ladder Match

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