​PWS Promoter Claims He Found Drug Paraphernalia, Blood & Needles in Sabu’s Hotel Room On Saturday


Pro Wrestling Syndicate co-promoter Pat Buck posted a lengthy story on Facebook in which he says he found drug paraphernalia and blood in Sabu’s hotel room this weekend. You can read the full, rather lengthy account here but an excerpt is below:

On Saturday night at Starland Ballroom, Sabu showed up half hour late to the autograph signing, which is a big deal as he’s paid for his time. After the signing, Sabu was caught smoking weed in the lockerroom with an outsider. This sort of stuff used to be common in locker rooms for wrestling, but we don’t tolerate that at PWS especially when its in a nice venue that’s a big deal for us. Kevin Matthews screamed at Sabu for his lack of respect for the promotion that’s brought him in multiple times since 2007. Sabu back peddled and apologized until the second issue arose. I should make note here, that I normally have a friendly relationship with Sabu because I’m direct and he’s paid on time. One conversation came up prior to this show about how he takes less money to win and more money to lose. It’s a completely ludicrious and silly way of thinking, so I my reply was “Ok, I’ll have you win, and you’ll be paid less than what you agreed to come in for.” He chuckled, and said he would lose no problem.

Upon the show starting, Sabu demanded a substantial amount of money to put over his opponent Fallah Bahh. I was informed while I was in the production booth and PWS Co-Owner Eric Pleska had to figure out ways to get Sabu to do…well….his job. I knew that if I dealt with this situation myself, it would of ended up in a brawl that I would be happy to partake in, but I didn’t want to ruin everyone’s night. He buried me, said I knew what the deal was, and put up a hissy fit. He refused to speak to Fallah also, which makes the match suffer. Eric found a happy medium. The solve was a “Dusty Finish” which should we’re now calling a “Sabu Finish” because we’re finished using Sabu.

Sabu demanded that he wanted to be introduced as he got into the ring. I thought Sabu didn’t talk, but apparently Sabu’s new persona is he just doesn’t stop talking. Even though he was introduced going to the ring, he wanted a second introduction which was weird. Personally, I think he was high and didn’t realize they intro’d him. The match was what it was. Fallah has been tearing up PWS, Reality of Wrestling, and anywhere else he’s been working. Sabu was literally just talking and yelling the entire match at his Genie. It was weird. It wasn’t good and fans could tell.

I didn’t want to put this out, but more drama happened this morning. My CC bill was hit pretty hard for weird charges at the hotel Sabu stayed at. Oh, I should also mention that Sabu took a booking in Philly the next day to which they paid nothing to PWS nor did Sabu inform us of this. PWS covered his trans from Detroit to and fro. In wrestling world, someone (Sabu) piggy backed and took a booking the next day and presumingly took trans money from them, while we fronted a hotel bill.

Anyway, the hotel had a smoking charge of 250.00 on each night. I was pretty pissed, because it’s irresponsible but mostly because I’ve had a similar situation happen before. I always make sure (promoter note) to be responsible for just room and tax just in case this issue arose. Normally, the talent has to put their CC down for incidentals. I was told by the hotel that they did put a CC down and it was declined. Sabu made such a commotion that they unlawfully put the incidentals on my card to avoid his tantrums. I’m fighting this charge right now, but there’s more to the story. The hotel wanted to inform me that there were a few other issues. Apparently, they had a dog stay with them, and within the hotel room on the walls, towels, sheets, there was blood and feces everywhere. They showed me horrifying pictures. They also found several syringes/needles. Truly disturbing. I really hope a dog was not involved.

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