Questions & Answers Edition 1 – Thoughts On WrestleMania 33’s Buildup So Far


This is the first installment of a Q&A that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. This will be a trial and error kind of thing. You can leave a questions down below. For now, I am going to leave names out, but if someone requests to have their name mentioned, I will mention it.

How Do You Think WrestleMania’s 33 Is Shaping Up So Far?

I believe so far the Road to WrestleMania 33 has been bittersweet. There have been both positives and negatives.

I am not too fond of the matchmaking, as I believe there were much better matchups WWE could have ran for the show, matches that would have been more entertaining, and created more interest. AJ Styles wrestling Shane McMahon is a waste of AJ Styles, and Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar is a waste of the title (unless somehow the winner is on every Raw PPV until they drop the title, although I don’t see that happening). WWE went down this road with the title being off Raw, and it made Raw’s shows a mess.

However, I do like how WWE is planting the seeds for the feuds. Paul Heyman is back to cutting these incredible promos. He took a basic storyline – Brock Lesnar seeking revenge on Goldberg – and turned it into a layered, thought-provoking feud about people always remembering the last person to end a legend’s legacy. The looming questioning, and one we won’t get until after WrestleMania, is how much gas does Goldberg have in the tank and how much can WWE smoke-and-mirror this match to the point where it is worthy to be the headliner of WrestleMania 33.

Triple H cut a great promo on Seth Rollins, although it made much too sense for me to see people even think twice of cheering Rollins over Triple H, since everything HHH said was spot-on, not to mention how hollow of a character Seth Rollins is right now.  Adding Samoa Joe to the mix was a great decision, though. I love Samoa Joe in a badass role, and he is so much better suited as a heel. Samoa Joe as Triple H’s protector has the potential to turn him into a force to be reckon with.

Kevin Owens’ turn on Chris Jericho was well-done and executed. I hope this turns Owens into more a barbaric heel – similar to how he was when was on NXT and when he entered WWE. His newly-minted character as champion has not done him any wonders, making him feel like a much-too-long transitional champion. I also like that they’ve kept Chris Jericho off TV, and I hope he stays off TV for a while. It sells the beating and keeps them apart, salvaging the heat. That is a real problem in WWE these days. Wrestlers who hate each other have too many opportunities to beat each other up, and it gets to a point where people no longer care about seeing the match.  I hope Owens and Jericho can avoid matches together in some capacity and for the most part be separated because it is a highly anticipated match right now.

Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton as a WWE title match wasn’t close to being the match I wanted to see take place at WrestleMania, but with that being said, I cannot fault the effort so far. The storyline has been really well told, and I am really interested to see how it plays out. The problem with the story from the start is that no one bought Orton as a convincing member of the Wyatt, but giving up his WrestleMania match (for the moment at least) has made the story more believable. Adding Luke Harper to the mix as a wildcard has only made the story better too. There is a ton of intrigue of how this way play out and unfold, and there are a number of ways they can take the story – making it fun to see what will happen week to week on Smackdown.

On paper, Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker appears to be an intriguing match up, but given how Undertaker looked at Royal Rumble, it is unforeseeable how this will turn out. Somehow, someway, though, Undertaker always seems to find a way to pull it together and get in good enough shape to wrestle a halfway decent match at WrestleMania. This will be his biggest test yet, though, seeing how awful he looked at the Royal Rumble. This story boils down to how WWE tells it. It would be woefully ignorant for WWE to have Roman Reigns be the purely righteous hero in this story, but nobody would be surprised if the company went down that road. I believe this match has to either turn Reigns heel or make him at least tweener, saving his full heel turn for another big-time date. A heel turn is the only thing that will save face for Roman Reigns these days, as shoving him down people’s throats as the top-babyface will never work, no matter how many different ways they try it.

I loved the exchange between Bayley and Stephanie McMahon on Monday Night Raw the other night. It was a great self-analysis of Bayley’s motives and attitude towards something, being the white meat babyface that she is. I believe it did wonders for the Bayley character, and I’ve always said that she could be the top face in WWE, if used correctly, because she’s such an amazing person, and her uplifting nature is just so extremely palpable. It is interesting to see how this story unfolds. WWE needs to set up another moment where Bayley gets another defining moment at WM, and the way I see best fit, and the way I believe WWE is going, is Stephanie McMahon screwing Bayley over in an upcoming match for the title, only for Bayley to overcome the odds and win the title back at WM.

So there you have it. I believe there are more positives than negatives at this point. WWE’s Creative has been stepping up their game as of late and hopefully that trend can continue. It is refreshing to see some thought and effort going into these feuds rather than WWE peddling out its old hat ideas that have been beaten in the ground. There is still a lot more time to go, though, so all we can do is just wait and see.

(PS: I know there are more matches that will most-likely take place, but seeing that they don’t yet have a story, there is not much to say about them at this time.)

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