Thoughts And Ratings For WWE WrestleMania 33


WrestleMania took place yesterday on 4/02/2017 in Orlando Florida. It was the 33rd edition of WrestleMania, and it will be forever known as Undertaker’s last wrestling match ever.


Neville (C) def. Austin Aries – WWE Cruiserweight Championship 

This match was main card worthy. Good match with lots of good action and great heel work by Neville, who is doing the best work of his career. The entire division had a slow start, but Neville is making the title relevant and Aries is a quality babyface foil for him. I hope to see more from these two. Hopefully, they can get more time and be treated more important in the future. *** 1/4.

Mojo Rawley Wins The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

WWE got its ESPN highlight moment in this match as Rob Gronkowski helped his friend, Mojo Rawley, win the match. It was a fun and fine moment, although I feel as though they could have accomplished it without wasting the match on Mojo Rawley, someone who hasn’t been doing much of anything as of late. Although, it is not as if this match means much of anything anyways. N/R.

Dean Ambrose (C) defeated Baron Corbin – Intercontinental Championship

Dean Ambrose got his offense in and so did Baron Corbin. That is all you can say about this match. It was heatless, didn’t build anywhere, and nothing impressive happened. It was too paint-by-numbers and too basic. Not the star-in-the-making performance Baron Corbin needed, and after Miz did great work elevating the IC and making it prestigious again, Dean Ambrose has made the title as meaningless as it was before Miz’s title reigns with it. * 1/2

AJ Styles defeated Shane McMahon

It was ridiculous at times seeing Shane McMahon going toe-to-toe with AJ Styles and pulling out complex submission holds as if he is a jiu-jitsu expert. I never want to see these two wrestle each other again (or see Shane McMahon wrestle again, for that matter), but in spite of a sluggish start, this match really picked up and became a dramatic “to and fro” match. Kudos to both for making it feel like Shane McMahon had a legitimate chance of winning. McMahon pulled out some impressive moves, including a shooting star press, and AJ Styles was excellent as usual, carrying Shane McMahon to arguably his best match of his career. They felt at home by playing their to strengths and characters when Shane McMahon was his body around and putting his body on the line, but at the end of the day, AJ Styles was too athletic and cunning to lose.  *** 1/2

Kevin Owens defeated Chris Jericho (C) – United States Championship

This is the type of WWE booking that has made this era so frustrating. The feud, leading up to the match, was ultra-personal and visceral, but then the match ended up being such a commonplace WWE match. It would have helped if this had a gimmick attached to it, though it did not need it. All it needed to do was get over the fact that these two despise each other. It did not accomplish that, though, as it felt like a match someone could see on your average Raw episode. ** 1/2

Bayley (C) defeated Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Nia Jax – RAW Women’s Championship

This was rushed and slipshod. It never clicked or established much of anything. It just felt like they were wrestling for the sake of wrestling sans a plan or objective. The whole story was muddled before this match even happened, as it should have been Bayley proving she can defeat the champion Charlotte without any help. This should have been a defining moment in Bayley’s career, but despite winning, it was a fairly unremarkable win for Bayley that will soon be forgotten. **

The Hardy Boyz defeated Enzo and Cass, Cesaro and Sheamus and Gallows and Anderson (C) – RAW Tag Team Championship

Obviously, the match was overshadowed by the epic return of the Hardy Boyz, which was one of the few actual”WrestleMania moments” in quite some time. However, this match was still really good. Everyone played their roles well and the wall-to-wall action made it hard for anyone to get bored watching this. Even at his age, Jeff Hardy is still willing to kill himself to create memorable moments. And, it was totally the right decision to put the titles on the Hardyz, as this show needed a feel good moment after two heels winning and a lackluster women’s match. *** 3/4

John Cena and Nikki Bella defeated The Miz and Maryse

Not much to say about this one. It was as standard as a mixed-tag can get, a total waste of both the Miz and Cena, if you ask me, who deserved much more than this. The Miz might be the hottest act in WWE right now, though, and it’s amazing that he has remained this over in spite of being reduced to such a throwaway match like this. The dude deserves a WWE title run this year. I’m happy the crowd was mostly respectable about the proposal, no matter how ill-fitting, foreseeable, and manufactured it was. *

Seth Rollins defeated Triple H

This match may depend on your mileage. The reviews for it have been polarizing. Overall, I enjoyed it. I thought it was structured and put together well. Seth Rollins sold well and Triple H did an effective job working over the knee and always going back to the knee whenever Rollins would gather some momentum. The crowd wasn’t responsive as much as they should have been, perhaps because of this being a 25-minute match and them starting to become burnt out after a long day, and the match did not have any truly chaotic moments where the match begins to flurry out of control. However, this was paced well, and mapped-out well and also told a good story and had a satisfying conclusion where Rollins battled and overcame his wounded knee to give both HHH and Stephanie McMahon the comeuppance they deserved. *** 1/2

Randy Orton defeated Bray Wyatt (C) – WWE Championship

This match needed to be a wacky gimmick match of some sort to fit the context of the feud and to break up the conventional feel of this show. However, they had a basic WWE match and not a very good one either. This had no flow, no heat, no drama, and no story. It never built anywhere and felt like they were doing moves for the sake of doing moves with no purpose behind them. The weird theatrics didn’t fit into this match at all, derailing the little flow this match had, to begin with. This is a front-runner for worst match of the year, and it proves that Bray Wyatt has no business being anywhere near the top of a card. Randy Orton’s heart did not look like it was into this, either, and sadly I don’t believe this feud is over yet. AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton would’ve been a better and more suitable WWE title match, for sure. DUD

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