Ranking WWE’s 2020 Main Roster Call-Ups


“We needed to create the next generation of talent, and the success [and setup] of the WWE had kind of limited where we were getting these athletes from…” -Triple h, 2016.

If there’s one thing that excites any wrestling fan, it is the debut or arrival of a new professional wrestling star. With the innovation of the NXT developmental system and the establishment of NXT as a “third brand” within World Wrestling Entertainment – a wrestler jumping ship from NXT to the red or blue brand always sparks something within the wrestling community. 2020 was definitely a weird year, and I’m sure I don’t need to explain that to anyone. With 2020 being a year of ups and immense downs, we still had professional wrestling to get us through the hard times. For some wrestlers, however, last year ended up being a career-defining year for them. Join me as we take a look back at 2020’s main roster call-ups and see where they are now.

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