Ranking WWE’s Current Championship Title Belts from Worst to Best


This past episode of Monday Night Raw, the new United States Championship belt was unveiled by MVP and Bobby Lashley.

Apparently, WWE had been sitting on this completed title for quite some time and has new tag titles waiting for a debut, too.

They are the last belts without the commonplace side plates and it’s about time for something new, considering the United States title was one of the longest-running designs in WWE history—dating back to 2003!

Personally, I’m a fan of it, but plenty of people aren’t. After all, belt design preference is subjective and everyone has their own POVs regarding if they like certain colors, shapes, sizes and more.

To some, the Winged Eagle is the best WWE title ever. Others prefer the Big Gold Belt World Heavyweight Championship. I think the European Championship was awful, but I love the Million Dollar Championship.

After I was asked where I ranked this new United States title in terms of the hierarchy of the current designs, I figured I’d expand on that a bit and present my current rundown of all the belts in WWE today, ranked from worst to best.

#16. Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships

These belts are hideous. Immediately upon their original debut, when they looked like pennies, I despised them.

When they were being remade, I was hoping for a completely different design. Instead, WWE switched them to silver-plated, which just made them now look like dimes, and put the red and blue straps on them.

Something to reference for multiple things on this list: I hate the colorful straps. I think they’re tacky and ugly. They make some belts look like strips of gum or toys you’d find in one of those 25¢ machines.

No matter what new designs WWE has in store for these belts, I’m confident it will be better than what the current ones are. They can’t make them worse, right?

WWE 24/7 Championship belt

#15. 24/7 Championship

Green strap. Round design, which I’m not usually fond of. Bland overall concept. Completely blank side plates that can’t work with the replaceable gimmick (as people don’t hold onto this title long enough to make it worth the while). Yeesh.

Here’s the thing, though. As atrocious as this belt is, that’s kind of part of its charm.

It’s a terrible title and it doesn’t need to look prestigious, because it never will be a credible championship. It’s a gimmick that people toss around like hot potato. It’s less offensive than the tag titles, which should be meaningful.

The center plate at least has a clock vibe, which makes sense. That, I’m not too opposed to. But maybe the side plates could have had something similar to indicate the 24/7 concept instead of being entirely blank?

Also, that green is just so, so bad.

#14. Raw Women’s Championship

The Raw Women’s Championship has the same fundamental design as many other belts that you’ll see on this list, all ranked differently, as their color schemes provide drastically different vibes.

When it comes to this title, it ranks so low not because of the generic WWE logo in the center or anything like that. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised just how far this same basic design will go on this list.

The problem is the red swoosh on top of the red background. It just blends in far too much and I don’t know why WWE didn’t see that coming from a mile away.

The Universal Championship got around this problem when it was red by having a black swoosh. That was CONSIDERABLY better than how the W’s work with this.

In my mind, it would be so much better if the Raw Women’s Championship had a black swoosh or a black backing to it. The SmackDown Women’s Championship, for that matter, could either stay the same, or have a black background with a blue swoosh.

Here are two mock-ups I had made back in the day about these designs, for reference:

The way I see it, that black-background version with the white strap looks absolutely phenomenal. The colors pop, but it doesn’t look tacky. The same for the one with the black swoosh, as that still has the same color scheme as the Universal Championship, minus the white difference.

The red on red, though? That’s got to be fixed.

#13. Blue-Strapped Universal Championship

I actually grew to like the red version of the Universal Championship over time more than I thought I would, even though I still would argue it’s better off with a black strap or with a black background like the women’s title version I did above.

Blue is my favorite primary color by far, so you’d think I would like this better. But the blue strap just doesn’t strike my fancy.

The blue clashes with the red. If this had a black swoosh, maybe I’d like it better, but I know for sure I’d be a much bigger fan if this looked exactly like Raw’s WWE Championship with the only difference being a blue swoosh, rather than a red one.

But hey, at least this isn’t Bray Wyatt’s custom belt. I hated The Fiend’s face mask being considered a championship. Even Daniel Bryan’s eco-friendly belt was better than that.

#12. SmackDown Women’s Championship

There’s not too much to say about this. It’s the same design as the Raw Women’s title, but without the annoyance of the red on red.

I rank it above the blue Universal Championship because the white strap is much better.

Despite how it’s red on blue, it doesn’t clash as much to me, for whatever reason. Instead, I think it pops in a good way.

#11. NXT North American Championship

It seems some people really love this. I’m not the biggest fan.

The brownish strap is certainly not as offensive as green, blue and so on, but it’s a little blah for my tastes. It gives off more of a rustic cowboy feel to it than I’m personally loving.

More so, though, I think the round center plate is bland.

Obviously, it fits the theme, as it shows off North America, but the idea itself for that being the title wasn’t something I was ever sold on, either. I’m not fond of geographic belt concepts unless there’s an actual divide. If anyone from any country can challenge for this title in any country, why is it the North American Championship to begin with?

Cruiserweight title is for cruiserweights. Raw/SmackDown tag and women’s belts are for those divisions. What’s the North American title for?

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