What If Raw had a Pay-Per-View in December 2017? Fantasy Match Card Lineup


All in all, this wraps up to Enzo defeating anybody who he’s paired up with, and for the hell of it, let’s just go with Mustafa Ali on this one.

Asuka vs. Alicia Fox (with special guest referee Alexa Bliss)

Here’s where we need to just start spitballing ideas, because it’s hard to tell exactly what direction WWE is taking the women’s division.

Asuka can’t lose any time soon, that’s a given, so she can’t be put up against Absolution without having Absolution lose or tainting her undefeated streak with a “loss but not really because it was her teammates who got pinned so just give us a break everybody” type scenario.

Also, with Absolution being heels, that doesn’t pair well with Alexa Bliss holding the title and facing any of them in singles competition, nor does it seem like a smart idea to put the belt on Asuka immediately.

To counteract all these things, if you brought me on board the night after Survivor Series, I would have pitched a scenario where Alicia Fox tries to get all the credit for their win since she was team captain, while everybody knows it was Asuka who did the heavy lifting, setting up a match between the two.

As a means to get Alexa Bliss on the card without the title being defended, she would be inserted as the special guest referee after her ego gets in the way, with her saying that as champion, she is the true leader of the division on Raw and the only one whose opinion matters, blah blah blah.

Is it the strongest concept in the world? Admittedly, no. However, I’m working with what WWE has given me and trying to make as many puzzle pieces fit.

Asuka wins, of course, and has her eyes set on capturing the title from Bliss asap.

Who Knows: Jason Jordan, Finn Balor, Elias and more….

Lastly, we need to figure out something for these guys. Balor was covered in the situation where he’d face Samoa Joe if Reigns and Miz were locking horns, but in a different setup, he has nothing to do.

Jason Jordan has to come into play SOMEWHERE, so maybe he turns heel and targets Balor for some reason? Maybe Kurt Angle wants to be impressed by both guys, who are both still babyfaces, and he sets up a match between the two just to help give Balor a win that he can take into challenging Brock Lesnar and getting destroyed?

Elias is easier to work with, as he can just have a song during the pre-show or fight someone like Heath Slater and you check him off the list.

People like The Good Brothers and Titus Worldwide seem like they should have more to do, but don’t, and even though I’m personally still wondering why Gallows and Anderson haven’t aligned themselves with Balor to try to help all three of their careers, that doesn’t look to be in the cards right now, so it wouldn’t shock me if they were left off the card along with people like Goldust, R-Truth and the rest who aren’t regular focal points.

That’s what I can see as the potential card we would have gotten for a Raw pay-per-view this December, had WWE opted to put on another special event.

What do you think the lineup of matches would have been? Is this a good enough B-level event, or are you happier to see this type of content happening on television week to week instead?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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