Reaction To The TLC Shakeup


In case you’ve been on a five-star vacation on the moon, there has been two major shakeups to tomorrow’s TLC card. First and foremost, Sister Abagail has proven to have an Achilles Heel. The mumps. Bray Wyatt will be out of action, and in his place, it will be the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, setting the stage for a massive collision that fans have been anticipating for the longest time now. However, arguably the biggest move of the night comes in the form of Kurt Angle, as he will be participating in his first match in WWE in over a decade when he replaces Roman Reigns in the three on five TLC Handicap match.

Now, I’ll be honest. Initially, I thought the moves were terrible. Why? Not because of the actual matches. I’m pumped up to see AJ and Finn go at it for the first time. I’m very interested to see what Kurt Angle can do in the WWE ring and how he’ll fit into tomorrow’s match. However, the reason why I thought the moves were terrible was that of the timing. Why give away a dream match in AJ Styles and Finn Balor at a throwaway event? Why give away Kurt Angle’s long-awaited WWE return as the last minute replacement? Why not wait a couple of weeks until the Survivor Series to do any of that? I seriously questioned WWE’s judgment on this, and while we are not immune to major shakeups from them, I thought WWE was being grossly impatient on these terms. However, I delved into it a lot more. I thought about it over and over, and I’ve come to a realization. WWE couldn’t have done much better given the circumstances.

Oh, it’s true. Damn true.

I mentioned this in the comments section when the news first broke. For replacement purposes, I would have had Matt Hardy join Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose because of his history of TLC matches and his history with Cesaro and Sheamus this year. For Finn Balor’s replacement, I would have had Samoa Joe step in Bray Wyatt’s place, because I’m not convinced Joe is still hurt this late in October. Despite that, why not shake things up a bit every now and again? If AJ Styles wasn’t named as Finn Balor’s replacement tomorrow at TLC, then who knows when we would have seen them face off against each other again? With the brand split in mind, the only possible time we would have seen them face each other would have been at Survivor Series, and even then the chances of them facing off in a singles matches would have been highly unlikely.

Then, we go to Kurt Angle stepping in as a replacement for Roman Reigns. Kurt Angle has been involved in a mini-feud with The Miz, so if there’s anyone that has legit beef with him, it is definitely Kurt. Now, I’m not expecting Kurt to be heavily involved in the match given his neck issues and given the fact that this is a TLC match. Ambrose and Rollins will probably be the ones that will be out there killing themselves two times over to put the match over as a spectacle and I’m sure they don’t mind bearing that burden in lieu of Kurt’s return.

Imagine being mad at seeing this tomorrow.

Again, I wasn’t upset that the matches were made. I just thought that they should have been done for a different venue, and given how the TLC PPV was being built up, I didn’t think it should have been the show to feature Kurt’s return and a highly anticipated match (which, according to reports, is expected to get plenty of time). Going over the situation, however, I’m not sure why anyone would be mad, per say, at why the matches were made. TLC at best was going to be just a one-match show with a dreadful undercard. Now we have one WrestleMania-caliber match and Kurt Angle returning in the span of one day. We often complain about WWE not putting out quality entertainment, and with proper criticism, but if WWE at least gives us the substance, and it delivers, should we really be complaining about all the circumstances shown? Angle’s rust will probably show working the WWE style again, but it’ll be fun to find out either way.

So, what’s your reaction to the shakeup?

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